Tuesday, October 26, 2010

21 months

Another month has passed us by. 3 months until Aubrey turns 2. It feels so crazy to me that we have started discussing her 2nd birthday party already. How is that possible? It didn't seem real, but we'll have Halloween, then Thanksgivng, and then Christmas and New Year's and then, BAMM, 2nd birthday. Sigh.

This month's milestones:
**She has starting singing some simple songs. Her favorite is row, row, row your boat. She can't really say gently down the stream or life is but a dream, but she says "row, row row bow" and "mary, mary, mary." She also likes the alphabet song and the "oh-oh" part of the Sugarland song "Stuck Like Glue"
**She has finally master the whole jumping thing. She gets so excited and just starts jumping.
**I finally packed the rest of her 12 month clothes away. I may have to start buying some 24 month stuff soon.
**She has become a climbing monkey. She loves to climb up and down on everything she can which lends to some quite scary moments.
**We finally ditched the infant tub for the big tub. The last time we tried the big tub she screamed her head off so I put the infant tub back. She still fit in the infant tub so I really didn't worry, but I decided it was just time to try again this month. She didn't seem to mind the big tub this time so the transition has been made.
**She spent her first weekend away from us. We went to the ECU-NC State game in Greenville and then a wedding so it was just easier for her to spend the weekend then to pick her up and drop her back off. After a rough first hour or so, Todd's parents said she did great. She was so excited to see us when we got back and that made life all better again.
**She now loves to give hugs and they are the best
**She has started trying to brush her own teeth and put her own socks on.
**She is finally starting to get the difference between "momma" and "dada" and is using them more appropriately, which makes Todd much happier

No tears in the big tub

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We took Aubrey to the Hodge's Farm and pumpkin patch today. I think she enjoyed seeing all the animals and she loved searching for and carrying her little pumpkin. It was so hard to get any good pictures of her because she loved to run around from place to place, but we all had a good time and that makes me happy.