Sunday, February 17, 2013

My new role

We've had a big change in our lives happen this week. After months of preparing and anticipating, I became a full-time stay at home mom. My company warned us back in November they were beginning the transition of handing over our contract to the different mental health management entities across the state. And as they handed off those pieces of the contract, they started cutting back the staff. I was originally told my last day would be January 18th, but there were some changes along the way and that day eventually ended up being February 13th. I kept putting it out of my mind over those 3 months of planning because I was not looking forward to it. I have enjoyed my 1 day a week of working from home and really enjoyed the extra financial freedom it gave us. It was also my biggest connection to the adult world and gave me a nice break from the constant mommy responsibility.

Eventually I could not avoid it anymore and February 13th arrived. It was pretty sad to tie up all of those loose ends that last day and then turn in my computer the next day. I made that familiar drive one more time to my office and said a few good byes before handing over my key fob and exit paperwork. It really hit me that I was officially unemployed and I got a little teary-eyed on my way home. I mean, I am very thankful for the opportunity to be home with my children. I am thankful I know they are being cared for the way we want them to be and I get to spend so much time with them. But, I have not been unemployed since I was 16 years old and the idea is a little more unsettling to me than when I originally turned in my notice to quit. We will be fine financially, just a little tighter than before and that makes me nervous. After stressing over finances the past few weeks and my desire to want to work part time,  I have started searching and applying for a few jobs. Most of what is available is full-time, which will not work for our family right now. So, I will just keep searching and hope that something that fits with our family's needs will turn up.

13 months

Mason has definitely started the transition from baby to toddler this month. Its seems like he is doing all he can to leave babyhood behind him and us.

**He drank from his last bottle on 2.10.13. We decided to make the cold turkey switch because he refused to drink much from a sippy. I threw all of the bottles away on Monday so we couldn't be tempted to give in when he inevitably got upset. He handled most of the change fine, except for that bottle before bed. He has reverted back to screaming at bed time because he wants that warm milk, but only wants it from a bottle. Any attempts to hand him a sippy cup of milk at bed time will be met with a ferocious slap and screaming. However, since he dropped the bottles he has greatly improved drinking from a sippy. He is still not fond of drinking milk from it, but water and apple juice are chugged throughout the day.
**He also drank his last 2 ounces of breast milk this week. I am so, so freaking proud that he could have breast milk until he was 13 months old. There were so many times towards the end of my pumping when I wanted to quit early, but I am glad I kept it  up and gave him every bit I could.
**He dropped down to one nap on 2.4.13. He was only taking a nap in the morning and refusing the afternoon nap, meaning he was awake from 12 pm until 7 pm. So, we just bumped the morning nap to 1 pm and he handled it pretty well. I can tell he is tired around 11 am, but he is much happier in the afternoons with 1 nap so we'll keep it.
**I think we've had his first word, which was mom. He will crawl through the house saying "mommommommommom" until he finds me. He won't do it all the time or when prompted, but when he does it just melts my heart. He is also trying to say hello and bye-bye, but much prefers to wave instead, which is also a new thing this month.
**He is walking really well with his walking toys and will let go of whatever he is holding when standing for a second before fiercely grabbing hold again. I am so not ready for him to walk, yet but I know its getting closer.
**Poor little man has had a cold off and on for the past solid month. It seems like he gets better only to start it all over again. I am so ready for summer so I can stop wiping his nose 548 times per day.
**He is still working on the 2 bottom lateral incisors and wants to chew on everything, including his crib. I ended up cutting his bumper up and trying it to the crib rails (thank you, Pinterest) and that helped prevent that chewing. But, he is also biting us more often, which makes he so thankful he is not in day care to be the evil biter all moms hate.
**His favorite hobby of the moment is emptying my tupperware drawer 357 times everyday, making walking into the kitchen a dangerous feat sometimes.