Saturday, January 4, 2014

Old and new resolutions

2013 was such a big year for me. I made a lot of changes personally and professionally and I am very proud of how things turned out in the end. When I set my New Year's resolutions in December 2012, I had no idea that what ups and downs I'd face through the year, but I guess no one ever really does. I knew there would be changes so I wasn't sure how I would make my resolutions work, but somehow they worked. I know most people set their resolutions and throw them out the window after a few weeks, but I guess I am just stubborn and hate to give up on things. That's why I sat down at my little blog and typed them for the world to see so I couldn't give up. There were times I wanted to quit and times I almost messed up, but in the end I successfully lost my goal weight 15 lbs and completed a 365 day photography project.

In some ways, the weight loss was the easier of the 2 for me. Exercise and eating healthier became part of my routine. I still can't say I just love to exercise and don't want to eat 3000 calories a day, but looking and feeling better are big incentives. I had no idea when I started running again in April that I would complete a half marathon. I also had no idea that I'd lose 30 pounds when it was all said and done. But, I did both of those and it feels pretty awesome to look at what I accomplished.

Now, the 365 project turned out to be a huge hassle for me. I really started struggling with creative ideas and often times just didn't want to pick up my camera. So, I started out the year with 80% of my pictures being with my DSLR and 20% iPhone, but by the fall it was the complete opposite. There were some days it turned out to be a screen shot of something on my computer and my dogs were always last resort options at 11:30 at night. I think my photography rut has extended itself and now there are many times I can go a week or 2 and not even touch my DSLR. But, I managed to get 365 images to document my year and that means the resolution was a success. I still love photography and I am so glad that I have the ability to document our lives with some awesome images, but I think some other hobbies have taken over for now and that's ok. I am behind almost 2 months in blogging the remaining photos, but they are all edited and waiting so I hope to get them up soon and close the door on the 365/2013 project.

With those goals accomplished, it was time to turn my focus on 2014. With being back at work and having more limited time, I had to be careful when setting new resolutions. My new job is pretty demanding and the little bit of energy I do have on days I work is spent with my family and exercising so I decided to focus on one thing at a time before setting new challenges.

I hate to say it, but I did gain 5 pounds back after I finished my half marathon. I was so burned out on running/exercising and combining that with the holidays meant calorie overload. But, the good news is I have refocused and decided that is not acceptable. I didn't work so hard last year to give up, so my goal is to lose those 5 pounds again and shave time off my running pace. I have started running more seriously again and added strength training back to the routine and I know combining those things with healthy eating will bring positive changes. Todd and I have signed up for a half marathon in Charlotte in April and I am determined to beat my time from November so I have some work to do. I've also got to work on eating better, especially on days I work. I am a total stress eater so those working days are really tough for me to handle. I plan to limit the eating in the cafeteria at work and limiting the snacks and wine at home. I have to find a good balance with food and my training so that is also something for me to focus on.

So, the first 4 months of 2014 are dedicated to being me better physically. Once I achieve those goals, I will reevaluate and see what I need to work on next. Reevaluating my goals throughout last year really helped keep things achievable so setting smaller time limited goals are the way to go for me. Here's to a positive start for the year!

2013 in review (picture style)

January brought us birthdays, first haircuts, and family time inside.

February and March gave us new toys and some outside play time.

May and June saw recitals, gymnastics shows, and family celebrations.

July and August meant plenty of extra playtime.

September and October meant back to school, cooler weather outside, and Halloween.

November and December were about good times spent with family and turning the car seat around.