Friday, March 7, 2014

February Updates

Now that I have stopped updating the blog every month with Mason's latest info, I realize I really need to keep some sort of monthly action on this little ol' blog. This blog is much more complete and detailed than either child's baby book will ever be and I need a place to keep those memories that will surely be forgotten  over the years. So, I am starting a monthly update on the kids so my frazzled brain can spew out the memories that I want to keep so I can thoroughly embarrass my kids when they are older with tidbits from their childhood. 

So, our biggest news from the month of February is that Aubrey got a seat at Mountain Island Charter. We are so relieved that we don't have to worry about that anymore. We were so fortunate to be chosen for that school because we have only heard great things about it.We did not get into any of the other schools we chose, but that's ok. A member of our small group from church is the Head of the Lower School at MICS so we are confident that Aubrey will be well taken care of and looked after. We did not get into any of the other schools we chose, but that's ok. Now, we start planning what that means for our schedule starting in August. MICS is about 20-ish minutes away and no bus provided so we have to work out a lot of details like drop off/pick up/Mason being taken care of on days I work. He's starting preschool in September so that helps some, but we are trying to minimize the crazy driving all over creation. But, we have some time to figure all of that out and get everything together. I am still a little in shock that Aubrey is starting kindergarten  in less than 6 months so hopefully I can get myself together by then, too.

Another fun part of February was the big snow. Living in NC, we usually only see a dusting of snow every winter. So, it was a complete thrill to get 8-10 inches of snow this month. I haven't seen that much snow in 10 years or so and it was beautiful. The kids throughly enjoyed the snow, but we were all pretty tired of it by the 3rd day. 

We discovered Mason's left 2-year molar broke through on February 16th and it was a beast for everyone. Teething and the terrible 2's just don't mix so we've been in h-e-double hockey sticks with him for the past few weeks. And, we still have 3 more of these nasty molars to wait on before we can close the books on teething. Sigh.

Speaking of terrible 2's, OMG. They SUCK. I know time diffuses the memories, but I swear I don't remember Aubrey being this much trouble at 2. But, Mason has turned into this crazy toddler in the past few months and it is maddening. He has perfected the art of a full-on screaming on the floor tantrum. He climbs on everything. He gets into absolutely everything. He loves the word no. I know its all typical 2-year old stuff so I try really hard to take it all in stride. But, man, its hard sometimes. And I do feel bad for him because I know his gums hurt on top of it all. I think its safe to say we are all ready for this phase to move on by.

Aubrey proved she is getting too big by surviving a complete night of a sleepover at her friend's house. Her friend had to change from preschool to daycare and this has been a tough transition for the little clique in Aubrey's class. This little group of 4 has been friends since the beginning of the 3-year old class so losing a member is the first real lesson of loss to them. So, the friend's mom arranged a play date for them and said if any of the girls wanted to, they could spend the night at her house. Todd and I were fine with it and of course, Aubrey was ecstatic. At first. Then, she got a little nervous about sleeping there as they day got closer. We told her we could pick her up at any time if she got scared, but we never got a call. The mom said it was a rough night and 1 friend did end up leaving, but I think Aubrey just enjoyed playing with her friend's toys too much to leave. But, we are proud that she was able to deal with something a little different and scary and make it through the night on her own. 

So, that was the month of February. We are over the cold weather and ready for spring and all the fun activities that come with the season.