Saturday, May 31, 2008

Very surprising news!

I haven't been feeling good at all lately. I stay tired and my breasts have been very tender. I choked it to being the worst PMS ever. Wrong. Earlier this week I started counting days since my last period and I thought, uh ohhhh. It's been like 41 days. Not a good sign. So, then I did the math of when our "uh oh" moment happened and realized it was April 1st and the last "period" was exactly 18 days later. Exactly enough time for implantation bleeding. Which means I could have gotten pregnant April 1st and never had a clue. Todd and I were concerned in April so we took 5 pregnancy tests, yes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 tests over a week's time and nothing showed positive, so we figured we were safe. But, after I told him all the realizations I was having about timing, we knew something wasn't right. So, we went to the drug store and bought another pack of pregnancy tests. He said if I am really that far along, I should have hormones running like crazy so he told me to take the test as soon as we got home. And, sure enough pregnant starts flashing on the digital test. Then the tears started. More scared than anything, because I have not been the healthy pregnant woman I should have been. So, I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and hopefully all goes well. From what I can figure, I will be do December 23rd. I really hate that my baby will have to compete with Christmas, but that is the biggest and best gift I have ever been given so I won't complain. I am beyond scared and also excited all at the same time. The other good news is a lady that I work with (and we also bought our house from her and her husband without realizing it) is due at the same time so I have someone to sympathize and compare stories with. I am trying not to get toooo excited at this point, because I don't know for sure what's going on until I get to the doctor. I told Todd either way I am ok. If I am pregnant, then yay, bring on the baby. But, if I've miscarried because of all the unhealthy things I've done over the last 10 weeks, then it was meant to be and we will try again when we can.

Todd has been so sweet and supportive. I never doubted he would, but it has been nice to be taken care of. He even bought me flowers on Thursday because he knew I was in shock.
We haven't told the families yet. We are going to wait to tell them on Father's Day at our annual cookout. It is killing me not to say anything, but I want to make sure I have good news to tell. Only 2 weeks, it shouldn't be sooo bad.