Thursday, July 24, 2008

Looking better

I went back to the doctor today to follow up on my blood pressure. So, the nurse started to take my blood pressure and then she said, no, let's find the heart beat first. My first thought was, not such a good idea since that tends to stress me out a bit, but not much I could really do. So, after a good 5 minutes of searching, she found the heart beat and that sounded great. So, I guess that lowered the stress level. She then took my blood pressure and it was 112/72. Much better than the 140ish/70 is was at the last appointment. So, then the NP comes in and actually sits down to talk to me, imagine that. She said everything is looking good with the bp and asked me if I was keeping a log of my bp and told her I did for the 1st week after I started the medicine, but it was really staying in the 125ish/70ish range so I stopped. She said she checked my urine for protein and that was negative, so all is well. I go back in 2 weeks for my 16 week check up and then in 4 weeks, we have the big ultrasound. Whoo-hoo. I can't believe it's almost time to find out if it's a boy or girl. My co-worker just found out she is having a girl and the other co-worker that's almost due any day is having a girl, so we figured we have to have the boy! But, seriously, I can't wait to see so I can start picking out the bedding and clothes. I will never have allowance again because it will all be spent on baby stuff. So much fun!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

BP monitoring and baby stuff

Nothing too eventful over the past week. I started taking the blood pressure medication and I really can't tell a difference in the numbers I am getting on the blood pressure cuff. Cutting the salt from my diet has been a lot harder though. When we got groceries last week, we were checking labels more carefully, but eating out is what kills me. But, I am trying to do better. Plus, I started doing yoga tonight and trying to walk more so hopefully those will all help. The best help has been talking to my coworker who is also pregnant and had hypertension before she got pregnant. She knows tons about the medicines and dealing with hypertension and she is really good about answering my questions. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday and hopefully the nurse practitioner will be more forthcoming with information and give me a good report.

Todd and I started looking at baby stuff last week. Man, it is expensive. Just the glider and ottoman I want are $500. Both cribs we liked were also in the $500 range. We also started comparing car seats and strollers and it is amazing to me how much there is to know and look at. The only purchase we've made so far is for me. I broke down and bought a Snoogle. It's basically a long body pillow to help me sleep on my side. I have always been a belly sleeper and I know I probably won't be able to comfortably sleep that way much longer. So, I am trying to train myself to sleep on my left side, which is supposed to help blood flow. So far I am not doing to great and I am tossing and turning a lot more. I am just trying to figure out the best way to configure the pillow and myself and I can be the most comfortable and get the best sleep. Just another joy of being pregnant. Already making these huge changes to my life and the baby is not even close to being here yet.

We've also finally decided on 2 baby names that we both like. We've had our girl name for a while now, but have been arguing and texing back and forth about the boy name. We are both pretty excited to at least have that part done. I am not going to post them just yet just in case we decide to change either of them. I hope not, but I'm pregnant, so who knows what notion will come to my mind.

Friday, July 11, 2008

12 week check-up

Sort of a mixed check-up today. The best part was hearing the baby's heartbeat. It was at 160 bpm and sounded so neat. It took them forever to find it and I was really starting to get nervous there at the end. I always tend to prepare for the worst but I really, really didn't want to have to deal with the worst. Luckily, the nurse was persistent and found it really low in my abdomen. Such a relief.

Then the doctor came in and started harping on my blood pressure. I admitted I was nervous when the nurse took it since I was worried about finding the heartbeat today. She seemed to think it's not related to my weight (which I've gained 6 pounds, not so good) or stress, so she put me on blood pressure meds. I am not thrilled about that, but what can I do. I kind of wished she let me observe it for 2 weeks and then start meds, but she said that blood pressure should drop during pregnancy and my has been progressively getting higher. Of course, Todd gets all stressed and nervous. He really doesn't want me being on meds because he is worried I'll be on them the rest of my life, but I told him I don't think the doctor is going to do something that will hurt me. I talked to my mom about the whole deal and she agrees that it is a bit high and encouraged me to get a blood pressure monitor to have at the house. The only thing I am worried about with the meds is the doctor told me I may get more tired. How is that possible? I don't think I can get much more tired. So, now I feel like a senior citizen taking my blood pressure twice a day, cutting my salt, and taking medicine. Fun stuff.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Not much new

There hasn't been a whole lot new going on lately. I thought the morning sickness and exhaustion were gone because I've felt really good the past week or so. But, they both came back with a vengeance today. So, I went back to the routine of eating all day and then a 2 hour nap after work. Not fun. I am trying to get back into exercising, but that's not easy when I am sleeping all day.

I've been doing a lot of clothes shopping for me the past few weeks because none of my old clothes fit right anymore. It's kind of bittersweet buying maternity clothes. While I love any excuse to shop, I hate not being able to wear the clothes I have. A lady at work that is 8 months preggers is also going to give me some of her maternity clothes. Sweet.

Hopefully Todd can finish the attic soon so we can clean out what will be the baby's room. I want to get that done since there isn't a whole lot else for me to do. I've started pricing bedding and furniture and I can't wait until it's time to pick it out. I looove decorating and I am sure the baby's room will be no different.

The other item I would like to tackle would be the name list. We've got a pretty good girl's name settled on, but we cannot agree with a boy's name. We've both thrown out some good names and thought we had one picked out before I even got pregnant. But, then I decided I didn't like it anymore. I want to have the name before the big ultrasound in a few weeks so once we know, we can start calling him/her by his/her name. I am so excited to think that we'll know that so soon. The last part of this trimester has gone faster than the first few weeks I've known. Only 28 weeks and 1 day to go!