Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 20-26

What a week. Yet another week of sickness in our house. Aubrey started complaining on Monday that her ear hurt and she had cold symptoms. She woke up several times throughout the night so by Tuesday morning, I was exhausted. Mom came to watch her as usual and I crawled back in the bed to sleep for several more hours. Aubrey never had a fever and never complained about her ears again so we thought she was better. When I got home from work Thursday evening, Mom told me I needed to keep an eye on Aubrey's eyes because she could have pink eye. Ugh. Sure enough, the green goop started later that night and I knew I couldn't send her to school Friday. So, I arranged for Mom to come watch her Friday morning because I had a dr's appointment of my own to go to before I could take Aubrey. So, I went to my appointment at 8:30, got finished just in time to scream across the street to get to Aubrey's at 9:30. Dr. Honeycutt said she thinks there was a bacterial infection in Aubrey's eyes and gave us a prescription for eye drops. Then, she decided to take a peak at Aubrey's ears. Both of them were freakin' infected. Again. We just finished the last antibiotic 2 weeks ago. So, this round of ear infections bought us a referral to an eye, ear, nose, and throat doctor for a consultation to discuss tubes along with the standard 10 days of antibiotics. Greeeaattt. Not 1 single ear infection until the day she turns 2 and now 6 months later we are discussing tubes. We are not really surprised because Todd and I both had tubes and adenoids (both of us) and tonsils (Todd) removed as kids. So, we will schedule that appointment this week and see where it leads.

To add to the fun of Aubrey's illness, Todd woke me up with a flash light Friday morning asking if I saw bumps in his throat. I could not, but at 6:45 AM I can't see much of anything. So, he said he would see how it went and call the doctor if he felt bad later in the afternoon. About 3:30 that afternoon, I get a text from him saying he was calling the doctor. They did a rapid strep test that was negative, but went ahead and wrote him an antibiotic prescription. Fun times.

Saturday was a pretty low key day. Todd started feeling worse Saturday morning, so we filled his prescription and he then held the couch down all day. I went to a shower for a high school friend and then we all spent Saturday evening lying around the house. Sunday was our typical grocery day, napping, and then our church small group.

I only picked my camera up one time this weekend and I think I've determined I'm in a photo rut. I just don't even have motivation to take any pictures right now and I'm think I'm ok with that. I'm sure Aubrey is happier that I am not chasing her around with the camera and I'm happy not to sit at my computer editing pictures. I'm pretty burned out with a computer right now because of work, so there have actually been days I haven't even turned my computer on.  That is really unusual for me, but good for me in the long run.

I'm hoping this next week goes really fast. I am really looking forward to the 3 day weekend next weekend and hope to catch up on some sleep.

I hope everyone has a great week!

The one picture I took this week. She insisted that her litter of stuffed animals sat in the chair with her while she watched tv.

12-week check up

I went to the doctor for my 12-week check up this week. It seemed like it had been forever since I had been to the doctor since my last visit was at 7 weeks. The morning leading up to my appointment was pretty stressful. Aubrey couldn't go to school because we thought she had pink-eye so I asked Mom to come watch her so I could go to my appointment. Mom accidentally overslept and was late getting to my house so I was a little later leaving my house than I planned. Once I got to the dr.'s office, I was the 5th person waiting in line to check in and it was right at 8:30 (my appt. time). It took forever for the receptionist to get us checked in so I went running up the stairs to the main office because I really needed to go to the bathroom. I was halfway up the stairs when the receptionist yelled up at me that I forgot my paperwork. So, I ran back downstairs and grabbed it before running back upstairs. When I got up there, the CMA pointed out that I didn't get my sticker to put on my urine cup so that meant another trip back downstairs. I told the receptionist that I didn't get my sticker and she told me she had just sent it upstairs with a nurse. Grrr. So back upstairs I run to find this nurse. Once I found her, she took her sweet time explaining to this lady how to give a urine sample (I mean really, how hard is that?!). Finally, she noticed I was standing there and asked if I was the one who "left" my sticker. Ugh, yes, otherwise I would not be listening to her explain how to pee in a cup. Finally, I was able to go to the bathroom and felt a smidge better. But, the stress of the morning showed in my blood pressure being a little high at 128/82. I've also gained 6 lbs since the last appointment and I was not happy about that. Hopefully that will change soon. The CMA takes me back to the room and my pulse starts racing because I know its time to hear the heartbeat. I've had 2 friends that have had miscarriages in the past month and I was nervous that I could join them. She warned me we may not hear the heartbeat right away and I braced myself for it. Amazingly, as soon as she put the doppler on my belly she found the heartbeat. Immediately, all my stress left my body and I instantly relaxed. The heartbeat was 172 and sounded great. After that, I started getting excited that cutie pie doctor would be in to see me soon, but I was sadly mistaken when the NP walked in. Don't get me wrong, I really like the NP at my office. But, I had been pretty excited to see hotty doctor. Oh, well. Made the pap smear and breast exam a little less awkward knowing she was female. So, all in all, it was a good visit. I go back in 4 weeks and then only 6 more weeks until the big ultrasound. I think I am finally starting to relax and realize we have a baby on the way. I'm still waiting another week before we make the "big announcement" to everyone just to be safe, though.

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 13-19

The week was another long, boring week. I was so ready to come home and chill with a move Friday night, but Todd had other plans. Our new light fixtures were delivered on Friday and Todd decided he wanted to get the project started. Aubrey and I had a blast opening all the boxes and making a huge mess with the wrapping paper while Todd started on the lights.

After we unwrapped all the lights, I introduced Aubrey to the joys of bubble wrap. It sounded like fireworks were going off in the house, which terrified the dogs, but thrilled Aubrey to no end.

Saturday was a busy errand day. But, Saturday night my mom watched Aubrey so Todd and I could have a date night. We went to a welcoming party for co-worker's boyfriend who recently moved into town. It was nice to be out with other adults, but I did miss seeing Aubrey before bed. Mom said she was none too happy about going out to dinner without us and then she cried after she put her to bed. Aubrey decided to show us how much she missed us by waking me up at 4:45 Sunday morning for some cuddle time. It took me forever to go back to sleep and before I knew it, it was time to get up for Father's Day breakfast.

Its been our tradition to go to IHOP for either Mother's Day or Father's Day that way we can enjoy a nice breakfast without the hassle of cooking and cleaning. Todd decided he didn't want to eat a big breakfast this year and asked to go to Bojangles. It was Father's Day, so I went along with the plan. We weren't quite sure what to feed Aubrey there, so we just settled on a jelly biscuit. And she was in heaven.
(Instagram is not too bad for a phone camera app)
Father's Day lunch was out traditional grilled steaks with our dads. Between being busy cleaning and cooking and then being so tired from my 4:45 wake up call, I forgot to pull my camera out. I'm sad that I didn't take any pictures of the event, but I know we all enjoyed ourselves and that's what is important.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 6-12

Finally, a full week of no ear infections, fevers, or antibiotics. Really makes things go a little better. And, we are getting into the routine of 3 days of day care and 2 days of "Mimi" care. Aubrey has really started to enjoy spending time with my mom during the week and on her days back to school, she is not to sure what to think. I'm 100% enjoying my mom being here and almost wish we could do more days. Its so nice to not have to get Aubrey ready for school, drive out of my way to get there, and then leave a screaming toddler behind. Plus, Mom has cooked for us a couple of times and nobody can argue with coming home to a fresh cooked meal after a long day at work. But, Aubrey still needs to interact with kids her own age so we'll keep her at school 3 days a week for the time being.

This weekend was a nice weekend. We finally got ourselves in gear to finish buying all the supplies to finish our bathroom. It is the next to last room in the house to finish and I am so tired of looking at the white walls. We finally bought the new mirrors and ordered the new light fixtures to go throughout the house to replace the cheap builder's lights. We've got the paint color picked out for the bathroom, but we are going to wait until Todd finishes his class for the summer before we actually tackle any work in the room. After we finish the bathroom, we'll start clearing the junk out of the guest room and storing it above our bathroom. So my New Year's resolution to have the guest room clear by June won't happen, but it will happen in the next few months and that makes me happy. Todd also bought a new grill this weekend so we had to break it in with some yummy steaks Saturday evening. Sunday, we hung around the house and enjoyed not having anywhere to go. We stayed busy with chores, but at least Aubrey got to play and the dogs got to see something other than the inside of their crates.

Watching Aubrey play in the dirt while Todd cooked dinner

Aubrey enjoying her sidewalk chalk while Allie tries to give Todd a kiss

A little game of bowling (excuse the high grain and blur, couldn't get my flash quick enough)

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

May 30-June 5

This week was a great week. Mostly because it was a short work week. We spent Memorial Day afternoon with Todd's parents in Mooresville. We took Aubrey swimming at his parents' neighbor's pool and she loved it. Its so neat to see her enjoying the pool now that she is older and can talk so well to tell us she likes it. After swimming, we grilled some hamburgers and hotdogs and had a yummy dinner. Dinner was followed by chocolate cake and saying that Aubrey enjoyed the cake is definitely an understatement.

Tuesday brought the reality of back to work, but the whole week seemed to go so much faster so it wasn't as dreadful as usual. Todd had his first test for school this week and rocked it out so we were pretty excited about that. Saturday afternoon we attended a baby shower for Todd's friend and his wife. I love going to baby showers because they are so happy and baby stuff is just too freakin' cute. After the shower we hung around the house and ended the evening by listening to the sprinkler while eating watermelon on the porch. Hokey? Maybe, but it was so relaxing I won't knock it. Sunday we were in a mad rush to get the house ready because it was our turn to host our church group. We had a great small group tonight and I am really thankful to be part of such an awesome group of people.

I hope everyone has a great week, even if it is a full on boring work week.

Enjoying the pool

Chocolate cake and a 2 year old is complete happiness.

Being silly at Subway for lunch