Sunday, August 29, 2010

19 months

Another month gone. 5 months til 2! Aghhh, that just doesn't seem right. We are learning everyday how smart she is and we are amazed. I sometimes forget she understands a lot more than I think she does. Like I was angry at her and told her to quit being a punk and she scrunched her little nose up and started crying. Not one of my better mommy moments. But, we are learning together and I am just glad she won't remember these early mistakes later on.

**She has become a parrot. I was driving home from daycare and someone cut me off and I said "crap" (luckily that was the worst I said this time) and the next thing I hear from the back is "cwap." Ugh, must work on child friendly words for road rage. (Are there any?!)
**She has fully learned the word no and loves to use it. She also shakes her head just to add emphasis.
**She is pretty consistently eating with a spoon. Until she gets tired and then she'll use her hands for a bite or two.
**She has become a ketchup and salsa fiend. She loves to dip her food in either one of these and makes a huge mess in the process.
**Diaper changes have become a beast. As soon as you pull the diaper out from under her, she flips over to her belly and sticks her bottom up in the air. It was cute the first few times, but now its just a pain.
**Still working on those bottom canines. She has been miserable the past few weeks with the worst of it the past few days so we hope they are coming in soon.
**She started potty training at day care. Right now they just sit her on the potty and she cries, but its a start. We are not pushing it too much at home yet, but we are gearing up for it.
**She has started to become attached to stuffed animals. I bought her a sock monkey from Target and she insists on carrying it around with her (see picture below). She still loves her blanket as well.
**Still in some 12-month and some 18-month clothes. She is in trouble when it gets cold because the 18-month pants I have bought so far are way too long for her short little legs. But, 12-month things are getting pretty tight around her belly. I may need to up my purchase of a sewing machine because I may have to start hemming her pants (at least she'll learn that frustration early).
**She loves to help us do things, whether its taking off our shoes and taking them to the closet, shutting a door while you're halfway standing in it, or sliding chairs back under the table. I just hope she remembers how much she loves to help later when I start expecting it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

18 month pics

Here are a few of our 18-month pics from last weekend. I am pretty excited how they turned out.

This was not really part of the shoot, just thought it was a sweet picture of Todd and Aubrey.