Saturday, September 14, 2013

I really have lost my mind

So, earlier this year I spent a lot of time focused on the goal of losing weight, then worried about maintaining that weight loss since that's usually my weakest area. Well, I've been able to maintain for 4 months now and that is exciting for me. I tapered down my workouts and relaxed my calorie intake, but try to keep them both in moderation and this seems to be working for me for now.

However, sometime in early July I must have hit my head or suffered a little lapse in sanity because I started toying with the idea of running a half marathon. At first I just laughed at myself because this is the girl that said she could never run over 3 miles a few years ago. Well, now I am doing 3-4 miles with a few 5 or 6 mile runs thrown in so half marathon seems to be the logical next goal. In the middle of July, I saw a FB post from runner's world that to do a half marathon in November, it was time to start training and I thought, well now is that time. There is a marathon/half marathon in Charlotte on November 16 so my goal was set. I finally told Todd in late July and after he gave me the "I told you so" talk (he's been saying I would do one for a while now) he immediately gave me his support and blessing to start this insane training. I still didn't permanently make up my mind I was going to run it until the end of August right before the registration fee went up. I finally turned in my application and promptly walked right next door to Trader Joe's a bought a few bottles of wine, because that's logically what you need when you're training for a half marathon.

So far, the training hasn't been too bad. But, I am just at 6.5 miles, which I was running earlier this spring when I was more hard core into working out. Starting next week and then every week following that, I will be increasing my milage by .5 mile until I reach 11 miles the week before the race. Supposedly, if you can run 11 miles, you can run 13.1 miles, which seems crazy to me, but I am following the training plan and we'll see how this goes. I still think I am crazy for doing it, but there is no backing out now so its time to suck it up and run.

A new school year

Aubrey recently started Pre-K. It was a bittersweet day because we were all excited that she was going back, but a little sad that it was the start of her last year of preschool. She's already asking tons of questions about Kindergarten and most of the time I can only answer "I don't know. We'll see next year." But, for now we try to focus on Pre-K and helping her get ready for next year. Luckily, the majority of her girl friends that were in her 3-year old class are also in her Pre-K class so that helped on the first day. She was a little apprehensive about having new teachers and a new classroom, but she seems to like all of them now. She goes to school 4 days a week now and so we still have a nice break on Tuesdays to hang out. It has been a nice break having her back at school because it gives me some time to spend with Mason and a little break from the constant motion of a 4-year old.

1st day of Pre-K

And just for reference, her 1st day of 3-year old preschool

Aubrey also started a new year of dance. We had to make a decision about her doing dance or gymnastics this year due to tightening up the budget a little and dance always seemed to make her happier so we went with that. She wasn't too happy about giving up gymnastics but still loves going to dance so we'll take this year and see how it goes. She was excited to get new ballet and tap shoes and a new leotard to add to her collection. She was thrown for a bit of a loop on the first day because her dance school built a new building for the classes to take place and Aubrey is apprehensive about change so it took a while to get her used to the new building. We had to talk a lot about changes this school year and try to help her understand that change is just part of the world. But, luckily Mrs. Rhonda is still her teacher and Aubrey loves Mrs. Rhonda so that makes any change a little easier for her to deal with.

She actually asked me to take a picture of her after her 1st day of dance

20 months

Its that time again and the shock just never wears off when it is that time. Another month has gone past and the little guy just keeps on growing and amazing us.

**Both top canines are thisclose to breaking through. These teeth appeared to be a little easier for him to cut and we are all grateful for that.
**Little guy had his first busted lip this month. We were at my in-laws' house and he went running down the hall and tripped over his own feet (my kids are just not graceful) and when he fell his teeth did some severe damage to his lip. I was glad no teeth were broken, but it was a scary, bloody mess for a few minutes after it happened. This was about 4 days after he got a nice bruise on his head from trying to walk over the concrete barriers in the parking lot. These little boys are rough.
**The words he can say are getting clearer and more understandable by others. He is working hard to say new words, but when he gets frustrated or tired, he still reverts to grunting and screaming instead.
**He finally got to meet his only 1st cousin this month. My brother, his girlfriend, and their son Dameon came to visit from Texas and we were all so glad to see them for the first time in 3 years. While Dameon and Aubrey played much better together, Mason seemed happy to just follow them around.
**We finally ditched the sleep sack for naps and night time. He was unzipping them before he even went to sleep so I figured it was time for them to go. I worry about him getting too cold in just his jammies, but in typical toddler fashion, no blanket can survive the night on top of him.
**He has mastered eating with a spoon and has moved on to a fork. He was squealing and pointing to my fork one day at lunch so I let him hold it and to my amazement he expertly speared a piece of food and put it straight in his mouth. So now he wants a spoon and fork at his meals or there is a great deal of squealing that goes on.
**We are letting him walk more instead of using the stroller and he will finally grab my hand while we are walking and it melts my heart Every. Single. Time.

Mason and his cousin Dameon

First time using a fork