Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A new thing for me

Merry Christmas!Hopefully mine and Todd's last Christmas as non-parents!

Well, as of Sunday, December 23, I am officially off my birth control. It was really strange to not start a new pack of pills. I am excited and scared, but ready to get the show on the road. Hopefully baby news to come soon!!!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baby talk and birth control

A group of my friends and I have get togethers every now and then called our girls night out. I used to be the only non married person in the bunch, but it wasn't such a big deal. But the last of the girls (well, obviously except me) got pregnant recently. Now, I am the last one not pregnant or without children. This is a lot harder for me to deal with. Especially right now that I am ready to start trying. They talk about their kids all the time, which is fine, but it just makes me jealous. It is neat, though, that I will have such an experienced group to talk to as I go through pregnancy and motherhood. But it still makes me sad sometimes. Most of their children are going to be too old to play with my kids by the time they get here. Ok, I will quit being so whiny now.

On a more positive note, I did take my final birth control pill last night. I still have the week of sugar pills, but I never take those anyway, so I don't count them. That means this time next week, I will be completely off birth control for the first time in 9 years. I am excited, but sort of nervous because I don't know what to expect. My body has been so regulated that I don't know how it will react being back on its own cycle.

Christmas will be here in just a bit over a week. I keep hoping this will be our last Christmas as a family of 2. Keeping fingers crossed.

Monday, December 3, 2007

First of many

Ok, I started working of the first of many changes I will have to make for my future child. I have started weaning off the caffiene. This is no easy challenge for me. I love Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Sun Drop. Most people do coffee, I do soda. So, I read that caffeine could make it harder to conceive, so I decided the time to start giving it up is now. I usually have a can (12 oz) DDP while I am getting ready, a can for breakfast at work, a can for lunch, and then maybe a can for snack. So, today I drank a glass of sweet tea while I was getting ready for work and then water the rest of the day. Except for lunch, I did buy a DSD. I don't have too much of a headache right now so that's a good thing. I don't like water, but I have decided I have to get over that fact. I have been guzzling it so I don't get the possible side effect of prenatal vitamins: constipation. I can't deal with that, especially not during the holidays or even TTC. So, me and the water machine at work are going to be best friends for a while. Who knows, maybe this is the start to caffeine-free for life. Ok, that is a bit much, but maybe the start to less soda!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

First blog

Ok, I've done some blogging on Myspace but it's usually just random posts or things I've copied from other people. But, I am a lurker on The Nest and many of the ladies there have blogs and they are hard core about it. I love reading them because you get to learn more about people (hmm, imagine that I like doing that since that is my job) but it also helps me to feel more normal because I realize other people are dealing with the same stuff I am.

With all that being said, I really decided to start my blog because Todd and I have seriously started talking baby. And I decided that blogging would be a good way to get my thoughts down and organized. I think this will also be a good to share with the future little baby P.

So, right now I am kind of nervous. I have been wanting to have a baby for so long that it just seems like a part of my never ending wish list. But, now that it is getting closer than ever, I start wondering "am I ready" or "can I do this?" The reality is a lot more scary than the idea.

We are not trying to conceive yet because I have 1 more pack of birth control to finish. But, I am starting to prepare mentally and physically for what's ahead. I bought a bottle of prenatal vitamins tonight and plan on starting those tomorrow. I've started getting a hold of the idea that I will have to give up caffeine for a while (anyone who knows me knows this will not be easy for me.) I am also trying to enjoy the things that I might not get to enjoy later (the glass of wine that is sitting beside me right now or the sleeping late this morning). I've started reading things to do when trying to conceive so when we start, I know what I am dealing with. Hopefully, I will not get so wrapped up in planning that I forget to enjoy the trying!

It's going to be a rollar coaster, I am sure. But, I can't wait!!!!