Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter and Spring time

It's so weird to me that we are celebrating Aubrey's 2nd holidays now. Her 2nd Easter was much more fun than her first. All she could do on her first Easter was smile and be cute, which was sweet. But this year, she was much more interactive and dove into her Easter basket. She loved the books and continues to love the eggs. She just opens and closes them all the time. She really couldn't care less about the cute little bunny and frog in the basket so they are just sitting on the floor to this day collecting dust.
We took advantage of the gorgeous spring time flowers by taking some pics at Todd's parent's house over the weekend. There have been quite a few bridal portraits (including mine and Todd's sister's) and tons of prom pictures taken in their back yard because it is incredibly landscaped. I was also anxious to take some pictures with my new lens so this was a perfect time to use it.
Aubrey showing off her standing skills and her Easter dress

Our first full family portrait since Aubrey was itty-bitty

I still have a lot of practice to do with my new camera and equipment, but I am having a lot of fun learning. I'm also working on learning Photoshop at the same time. It's pretty challenging for me, but I love it. I don't think I would ever do photography full-time, but it's becoming a fun hobby for me and I hope to save myself some money by taking more of my own pictures.