Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our little garden

Todd and I decided over the winter we wanted to plant a garden for Aubrey this summer. I originally planned a pallet garden using a pallet I got from the farm supply. But after reading that wasn't a great idea due to toxins used to treat the pallets, Todd built a raised garden for us instead. We decided to plant 2 tomatoes, 4 cucumber vines, 1 green pepper, 1 basil, 1 oregano and marigolds around the border to ward off the bugs. After Todd finished building the raised bed he and Aubrey had a dandy time putting all of the plants in the dirt. Aubrey really doesn't need a reason to play in the dirt so she was thrilled for the chance to help. I even found her a pair of Dora gardening gloves that she thought were the coolest things ever. So far the garden is coming along well, even though we did loose 1 cucumber vine. Hopefully we'll start seeing some veggies sometime in July and I can't wait. Our strawberries we planted several years ago are doing fantastic, but the slugs keep getting to a lot of them before we can eat them. We expect to have a ton of blueberries as well and I hope to find a good cobbler recipe to cook them in.

Hopefully the garden turns out well and Aubrey learns a few things in the process.

Todd and Aubrey at work

The finished garden

Aubrey with the watering can

4 months

I am not going to lie, the last month has topped Mason's first month in level of difficulty for me. Yeah, he woke up a lot to eat that first month, but he still slept better and would let us put him down wherever. He still wakes up at least once to eat and sometimes multiple times wanting his paci. And, he refuses to be left alone during the day.  And naps are still touch and go unless I let him nap in the bed with me and then I get 2 hours out of him. So, he and I spend a lot of time together, which is ok sometimes and exhausting others. He managed to give us one night where he only woke up once for the paci and I was so shocked when I woke up. But, it was a one time deal that hasn't been repeated, yet. So, I've started reading a few different sleep training books in hopes of getting a plan of attack to get him to sleep. In more fun news, he has also started teething, which added to his sleep deprivation, which makes for a super fussy baby and a tired, unhappy mommy.

I guess I should say the month hasn't been all bad. When he's not cranky from being over-tired, he is so cute and smiley. He's working so hard on his milestones and it has been fun to watch him try.

*He is thisclose to rolling over from back to belly. Since he still is not a fan of tummy time he hasn't really attempted belly to back. His tummy time is getting better, but we still only get about 5 minutes before he is over it. But, he really wants to roll from his back to his belly, especially when I am putting him to sleep. I wonder if he'll sleep better then....
*We finally weaned him from the swaddle and sleeping in the bouncy seat (4.25.12).
*He gave me his first belly laugh (5.11.12). It was so exciting to hear him laugh. I had forgotten how infectious a baby's laugh was. I love it.
*He's finally moved up to 3-6 month clothes which is good because that is the only size I bought summer clothes in for him. He was about to be naked if it got much hotter and he didn't grow.
*His bowel movements have improved a lot. There is still some mucous, but he is teething so that could play a part in some of it. The MSPI diet is killing me, but I am making it work the best I can.
*We attempted to move him up to 5.5 oz bottles to see if that would eliminate the overnight bottle, but it only made him spit up more. So he continues at 5 oz, 6 times a day
*He is pretty much over lying down on the playmat, his bouncy seat, and the swing. He likes to be sitting up or standing up while we hold him. So, we brought down the jumper and he loves it. So, the swing is going away soon and the bumbo is getting a lot more use.
*He's much more interested in toys now and his favorites are Sophie the giraffe and a Winnie the Pooh crinkly book.
*His head control has gotten so much better and he really only bobbles his head when he is tired.

He had his 4 month check-up on Tuesday and I was so worried about the outcome. I wanted to make sure he had grown enough to stay in the 25th percentiles so they wouldn't ask me go to formula. Well, little man is about as consistent as it gets. He weighs 12 lbs, 15 oz, is 24" tall, and head is 41 cm around, all of which are in the 25th percentile. I was glad to see he is staying along the same track, but a little sad that he is still a peanut. Even the doctor thought he looked bigger than the 25th percentile, but since he is staying on that path he is great. We talked about solids and talked about taking it slow with new foods due to his sensitivities, even though I am nowhere near ready for him to start solids at this point. She looked at his gums and said they are really swollen so teeth are on their way. He then decided to show off and do some excellent baby push ups while on his belly to make me look like a liar when I said he hated tummy time. She said he looks great and all is well. The nurse came in to give him his shots and he cried for the length of time it took me to pick him up off the table and he was fine. I know he felt bad later in the afternoon between the teething and the shots because he slept for an hour and a half in his crib with no assistance from me. Our next visit it at 6 months and I hope to have started solids by then so hopefully he can start putting on some height and weight.

First time in the jumper

Chewing on Sophie the giraffe