Friday, May 27, 2016

January 2016

As always, January was so, so busy for us. As soon as the holidays ended and the kids went back to school, we started birthday season. Somehow, someone gave Mason permission to turn 4! This little guy is growing up on us and becoming such an awesome little man. We celebrated his actual birthday at home with cupcakes and presents.

I love his reaction to getting his Kindle. He was so excited and loves this thing.

For his party, we decided to go with the Sports Connection and it was a hit amongst the 3 and 4 year olds. After this party, he was invited to 4 more Sports Connection parties and loves each and every one. For his party, we chose the bouncy houses and the mini bowling and the kids loved it. 

The weekend after Mason's party was supposed to be Aubrey's birthday party. But instead, we ended up doing this.

The kids did enjoy the snow and missed a few days of snow, including Aubrey's actual birthday. She was devastated to spend her birthday home from school (I'll remind her of that fact in a few years). The roads really weren't that bad to travel near our house, so I took her out to celebrate her birthday to brighten her day. That night, we went out for dinner and then did cake and presents so I think she ended up having a great day, even if she wasn't in school.

Getting her nails done

Opening her American Girl doll that I finally won the battle to buy for her.

Posing with her doll that she named Abby. Story behind the name. Mason has struggled with Aubrey's name since he started talking. He called her "Aubee" for a long time and only recently has he been able to say "Aubwee". R sounds are still hard for him. Aubrey wanted to name her doll something close to Aubrey so when I mentioned Abby and how it was close to what Mason calls her, her face lit up. So, Abby it was.

Finally, the next weekend was beautiful and warm so Aubrey's birthday party could go down. She wanted a dance party this year so we found a dance studio near us that hosts birthday parties. They did a dance routine, some free dance, and some activities with the girls before cake and snacks. It was a great party and Aubrey had a blast spending time with her friends.

Mason had a good time, as well, I think. 

Decorating their "feet art"

As usual, birthdays dominate January for us. But, we also had a lot of football talk going on since our Carolina Panthers eventually made it to the Super Bowl. Even Aubrey, the anti-sports girl, got into the Panthers' spirit so we had a to take a family picture while rocking our Panthers' gear.

So, that was our January. It was a busy, but great month.

Well, hi

My sad little blog. I have had a serious case of life happening over the past 5 months and this little space has been completely neglected. The spring semester of school totally kicked my butt and left zero time for pretty much everything that wasn't essential. So, I have a lot of catching up to do over the next little while. So, I will be adding the past 5 months of our lives to the blog as I can and hope that I remember what's actually happened over that time.