Monday, July 14, 2014

June 2014

The month of June brought a bit of a slower pace, thankfully. However, it also brought the yucky hot, humidity with it. But, I'll take June heat over January freezing any day. So, the name of the game for the summer has been finding as many ways to cool off as we can.

Since our crappy neighborhood has no pool, I decided to go old school and bring out the sprinkler for the kids to play in. They loved it, however the water bill loved it more so that has been a limited thing so far.

Since our bank account can only handle so much of the sprinkler running, I found an awesome FREE alternative in the Birkdale Village splash pad. Its really sad that Aubrey is 5 and this is the first time I've taken her. Both kids were in heaven and would have played for hours if I would have let them.

We also started both kids in swim lessons this summer. We've wanted to sign Aubrey up the past 4 years, but money and time have always been a factor. But, there was no more putting it off, especially since we are able to go to the lake more often. Both kids have enjoyed their lessons and have done very well so we are happy we finally signed them up.

And, of course, what is summer without ice pops? Mason wasn't quite sure what to do with one at first, but managed to eat about 1/2 of one before dropping it on the porch.

Aubrey also attended her first camp this year. Her dance studio offered a week-long summer dance camp so we signed her up. She wasn't sure about going at first, but by the time the first day ended, she didn't want to leave. They learned 2 dances that and did a ballet puppet show with puppets and scenery they created so I was pretty impressed. Plus, Aubrey got to dance with one of my oldest friends Christy and I think she might have caught the dance bug from her. Aubrey was always whining that she didn't want to go to dance and didn't like it, but we forced her to stick with it. That all changed after a week with Christy. Now she leaps and twirls all over the house and says she can't wait to start dance again this fall. I'm so excited that she seems more enthusiastic about dancing now. It was such a huge part of my life for so long and I would love to share that with her.

I have really enjoyed watching the kids enjoy all the fun summer activities and so thankful that we are able to provide them with the opportunity to do those things.