Tuesday, August 20, 2013

19 months

This month was a quieter, less busy month for us. I was even wondering if the month was quieter for milestones until I typed them all out. I guess the milestones are becoming smaller and not as obvious as say, walking, so its easier to forget how much he's really accomplished.

**Crawling is pretty much a thing of the past for him unless he is crawling up the stairs.
**He is attempting to walk up and down stairs by himself.
**He can identify his nose, ears, mouth, hair, belly, feet, and toes. He can't quite say the all of the words, but he can point to them, when he's in the mood
**He loves the alphabet song. He pushes the button on the playhouse that starts the song and plays it over, and over, and over, and over.
**He has started trying to sing songs we sing at bed time (like Row, Row, Row Your Boat, and Twinkle, Twinkle.) No real words come out, but he's got the tunes.
**He discovered how to push the breathable bumper down and could reach the electric outlet behind his bead so there was some quick rearranging after I discovered that.
**He loves to slide down a slide
**He took the kitchen drawer emptying fun to a new level by crawling in the drawer to sit after he emptied it. Plus, he can reach the silverware drawer and tries to grab things from it. So, all drawers are getting locked as soon we can get them. Aubrey never messed with other drawers so we never locked them. More lessons learned.
**He is doing much better at eating with a spoon. About 90% of the food will actually make in it his mouth with a spoon, but he uses his hands more when he's really hungry.
**He had his first taste of frozen yogurt after TCBY brought almond milk frozen yogurt to their stores, but unfortunately, it still messed with his stomach. Its really sad because he loooved it.
**He and Aubrey had their first trip to the NC Zoo and had a blast.
**He is 100% against being confined at any time so this leads to lots of squealing in the car seat, shopping cars, and stroller. However, he loves riding in his little car with the lap belt so I guess he thinks he's more in control because it has a steering wheel.
**He and Aubrey had their first visit to the Charlotte Motor Speedway for a friend's 1-year home from the hospital celebration.
*He had his first adventures in a sandbox and gave a full on tantrum when it was time to leave.