Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas and 36/37 weeks

It was really a weird Christmas this year. I think I finally realized that Christmas is just not as much fun as when I was a kid and that made me sad. I was excited to spend time with family and I fully appreciate the reason we celebrate the holiday. But, Christmas just didn’t have the same level of anticipation this year. I just think I am already more excited about Christmas next year than I was for this year’s because we will have Aubrey to share it with then. Even though it won’t mean much to her at that age, but just knowing that she’ll get to experience it is so exciting for me. I remember blogging that I hoped last Christmas would be mine and Todd’s last as non-parents, but knowing this was it this year made me so jealous of those who did share Christmas with their children.

With the Christmas holiday, my 36-week visit got bumped out a few days and combined with my 37-week visit. Everything looks good. Aubrey was very active during the NST, but as usual, did not want to stay still for the CMA to find her heartbeat. So, I ended up holding the doppler band because that’s the only way we could keep her heartbeat in the range for the doppler to hear it. Everything checked out great so now it’s just a waiting game. Dr. Little scheduled us for a biophysical profile next visit, which means we get another ultrasound, so I am pretty excited about that. The BPP includes a NST as well as an ultrasound where they will check her movement, muscle tone, heartbeat, breathing, and amniotic fluid. This is another bonus of being considered high-risk. I am kind of frustrated that Dr. Little didn’t explain all of that to me, she just said it was just to look at the growth. Todd was curious about why we would have an ultrasound this late in the game if everything looks ok and Mom said one of the doctor’s she works with said she’d only do one if I was measuring behind, which I’m not. So, I was thinking about it last night and I remembered the person scheduling my appointment said BPP so I did some research and that’s when I found out what it meant. Not a huge deal really, but I hate not knowing exactly what’s going on. It will be nice to see her one more time and to make sure she’s in the right position for birth. I won’t argue if she decides not to wait on this test and goes ahead and makes her appearance, but if she doesn’t, it will be a fun way to pass the time.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Breastfeeding class

Todd and I had our last pre-birth class today, which was breastfeeding. I know women have been breastfeeding for centuries, so I could get by without going, but I like to have as much information as possible, so I went. I can't say that I really learned a lot, but I did learn a few things, like red flags of trouble and a few helpful hints. But, mostly, she just told things that I already knew from reading the message boards and my What To Expect The First Year. The class could have been about an hour and a half shorter if she didn't spend so much time advertising the lactation consultant business at the hospital and laughing at her own lame jokes. But, I still knew more coming out than going in, so I will say mission accomplished.

35 weeks

Another uneventful doctor's visit, not that I am complaining. The NST was a little more uncomfortable this week, but I think the lady that hooked it up didn't do something right. Plus Aubrey, ever the stubborn one, decided she didn't want to stay in one place, so tracking her heartbeat was a little harder. Again, the NST was great and bp was awesome. The only thing that perturbed me about this visit was they were running so far behind. There was no reason that my appointment was for 3:30 and I didn't leave until after 5:00. That frustrates the mess out of me. If there was another practice that delivered at the hospital, I'd be there. Well, let's rephrase, another somewhat larger practice. There are 2 other practices that admit there, but I'd really rather not be at a practice that only has 1 doctor. I can't imagine how crazy those places are when the doctor has to leave during the day for a delivery. But, the practice I go to is soooo busy and they are never on schedule and I always feel rushed. But, I want to deliver at Presby-Huntersville so I'm stuck. Hopefully by the time #2 gets here, they will either have a bigger practice and more docs or there will be another practice that admits there.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Maternity tour

We did our maternity floor tour at the hospital today. I knew where to go when I'm in labor, but it was still neat to get to go in the rooms and see where I'll spend 48-ish (hopefully that's all) hours of my life. The rooms are really nice and huge. The only thing that aggravated me was people's dumb questions, which pertained to mostly about what they would get for free. The amazement never ends for me about people's sense of entitlement for stuff. There were some good questions about patient-nurse ratio and stuff like that, but the tour leader was much better about handling those dumb questions than I would have been. The tour did remind me that I am glad we chose to deliver in a smaller hospital. While it still feels like a hospital, it's not quite as traumatic walking in, like say, at the downtown hospitals. It just feels a little more homey and quiet at our hospital.

I did realize this weekend that in as little as 2.5 weeks, I could be going in that hospital to deliver. I'll be 37 weeks on December 31st and that's when they'll let me go ahead and deliver if it starts. So, in 2.5 weeks, Todd and I could be parents. Wow!! It's going to be here before we know it!

Less than 6 weeks!

I had my 34-week check up this week. It wouldn’t have been anything other than usual, except they started me on non-stress tests this week. So, they hooked me up to this monitor that tracked Aubrey’s heartbeat and any contractions and then handed me this little wand to hit a button every time I felt her move. They showed me the recliner I could hang out in while they did the test and I was stoked because I miss having a real recliner to sit in. So, they put these 2 bands around my belly, sat me down with my snack, and left. They said it would only be 15 minutes. 15 actually turned into 30 minutes. And, I almost fell asleep. I got so comfortable in the chair and hearing Aubrey’s pretty steady heartbeat made for a prime sleeping environment. Luckily, Todd was with me and helped entertain me or I would have been out like a light. After they unhooked me, Dr. Gorsuch said Aubrey looks great, but they would continue hooking me up to the monitor every visit just to be sure. My blood pressure was still awesome and I wish they’d let me come off the medicine, but I know they won’t until after delivery. So, that will be my visits for the next 6 or (hopefully not) 7 weeks. They will be doing a group B strep test next week which does not thrill me because it is a vaginal swab. Yuck.

Todd and I had some great coupons for Babies-R-Us so we went shopping on Wednesday night. We bought the breast bump for $50 off regular price, which is lower than I could find it anywhere else. Of course, when we got home, we had to open it up and check it out. I tried it out for 2 seconds and it was a very weird feeling. It just amazes me that I will have to sit hooked up to this thing several times a day. Hopefully I can get used to it because I really don’t want to buy formula when I can feed her for free. We also bought the audio monitor for her room, a Boppy cover, and the mirror for my car so I can see her in the rear view. It’s hard to believe I get so excited over buying this stuff but I love it. If I could make a job out of shopping for other people’s baby stuff, I would be in heaven. It’s just neat how much is available for them. I told Todd we’ve got to slow down our spending now because we still have things to buy her after she’s here and I want to make sure we can afford them then. It’s so hard to resist buying everything in the store, though.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting closer to being ready

Todd's mom's family threw us a shower this weekend. Between the gifts, cash, and gift cards, I think we are set. I am going to BRU this week to buy my breast pump because I have an awesome 20% off coupon that will help so much. We are going to wait just a bit to use the cash to finish off the BRU registry once we get our completion coupon. Todd and I are so thankful for all of the wonderful gifts people have bought for us. I can't even imagine where we'd be if we didn't have so many people helping us out. Every time I walk in her nursery, I just smile because I know so many people love her already and I can't wait for her to meet them all.

Oh, and I have to add, the family played the best baby shower game ever. It involves a plunger and toilet paper and if you've seen it, you know how much my abs hurt from laughing. That was the best ab work out ever. There are pictures to prove the insanity, but I think everyone involved would kill me for posting them here. Plus, I was laughing too hard to use my camera. Good times, good times.

Childbirth class

Todd and I took our childbirth class this weekend and I honestly don't know how I feel about it. I mean, it was good to be informed and learn what to expect, but I think it really freaked me out more in the process. We went through the different labor positions and relaxing and I thought "Hmmm, I can handle this. I'm good." Then came the labor videos and I did a complete 180. I almost started crying because I'm pretty scared. I have absolutely no tolerance for pain and watching those women in pain was scary. Most of the videos we watched were natural births with no drugs, but even the video we watched of the birth with an epidural seemed awful. I know Todd is going to be a good coach, but it's really scary that all of the work is on me. I know I can do it, but that still doesn't mean I am not scared to death. I know that's pretty natural, but as the day gets closer and closer, I think it just gets worse.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

32 and 33 week updates

I had my 32-week visit last week. It was pretty uneventful, but no complaints. Aubrey’s heartbeat was 143 and sounded great. The best part of the visit was my blood pressure, which was 100/58. I just about fell out of my chair when the CMA told me that. Dr. Gorsuch sounded pretty surprised, too. She said even though it’s doing well, they are still going to keep an eye on it. I start going every week at my next visit, which kind of sucks be cause that means I’ll never have a full lunch break again since I have to leave early. They are going to start doing non-stress tests on Aubrey just to make sure she’s ok in there. So, I get to listen to her heart beat a lot over the next few weeks, which is kind of fun.

I’ve started getting everything ready for my hospital trip. I installed the car seat base in my car, which is kind of funny to see sitting empty every time I get in my car. I’ve packed most of the things I need in my overnight bag, but there are still a few things to get. I’ve also made my list of things for Todd to grab in case I go into labor at work and can’t get home, like the lap top and camera. He laughed at my list, but I think it’s a pretty good one. I always overpack, but I’d really rather have too much stuff instead of not enough. He seems to think I don’t need anything until she is born, but he doesn’t realize how much down time I may have before I start pushing. Kasey was in the hospital for hours before she started pushing and I was bored for her. So, I know I have to be busy to keep my mind off what is getting ready to happen. Again, I’d rather be over-prepared than under-prepared.

Todd’s family threw us a small shower after Thanksgiving lunch and it was really nice. We got some nice gifts and a good bit in gift cards that I made sure to demolish the next day while Betty and I went shopping. I even managed to spend money on top of the gift cards, but I got a lot of stuff. After that shower and my shopping, I think we are pretty much ready for her to come. I might buy a few more things with my big discount at BRU, but as far as necessities, we are set. It’s so surreal walking into her nursery and seeing all of the clean clothes, blankets, and big stuff just sitting there waiting to be used.

Showing off the afghan Todd's aunt Francis made for Aubrey.

One of the shower's highlights: Traci asking if Gma and Gpa gave us Tampons. She saw Playtex on the box and was very confused. Everybody thought that was hysterical because it was really bottles.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stupid freakin cold

Ugh, I can't think of anything much worse than having a cold, except maybe having a cold when you're 31-weeks pregnant. I've been dealing with it for the past week and a half and it's getting really old. I finally broke down and bought some Tylenol Sinus, which is helping, some. But, my poor immune system can't work like it should because I can't freakin sleep. I've entered the wonderful phase of waking up several times a night because I have to go to the bathroom. And then I am thirsty on top of that so I become a popsicle walking downstairs to get cold water because I can only sleep if it's 60 degrees in the house, so the house is freezing after being in my bed. So, after getting the water and dancing around to stay warm while I drink it, I then spend 10 minutes trying to warm up again once I get back in the bed. Of course, I am usually wide awake at this point so it takes forever to get back to sleep. Then, I usually start the whole process over again a few hours later. I tried keeping a glass of water upstairs to prevent going the fridge, but the water tasted gross to me for some reason, so I haven't done it again. I don't know what it is, but I love our water, I just don't like the ice I have to put in the glass to keep it cold while I sleep. So, back to the original point. I can't sleep because of the bathroom/water process so my immune system isn't working at its best so I can't kick this flippin cold. I am so tired of blowing my nose and coughing. And I know I am driving my coworkers crazy with all the awful sounds. Combining a cold with the general achiness and miserable state of being 31-weeks pregnant just doesn't make for a happy lady. I really need to be resting and relaxing to get ready for delivery, but I can't do that unless I can better. Ugh, and I read the labor/delivery chapter of What to Expect last night and I started crying. Crying is really hard when you have a cold. But, I cried anyway because reading that stuff scared and overwhelmed me. I have read pieces of it before, but the reality that all of that stuff will be happening in just a few weeks combined with being exhausted and sick just got the best of me.

Only 60 more days. Wow.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

30-week check up

I had my 30-week check up this week and thankfully, it was not as exciting as the 28-week visit. Aubrey's heartbeat was 148 and my blood pressure was awesome at 118/72. I am still measuring right on track so everything is still good. I go back in 2 weeks for another regular check-up and then at 34 weeks they will start doing non stress tests on Aubrey to see how she is handling everything in there. Dr. Sharawy said they are doing that because of my blood pressure, which makes me laugh after hearing how good it has been. I'd still rather not be high risk, but there are a few perks and getting to hear her heart beat for 20 minutes is one of them.

Wall letters

Todd and I finally finished the letters for Aubrey's room and got them hung about an hour before the shower. While I am still not 100% sure I like them, they are stuck up there, so no going back now. However, they are cute and I do love the butterflies and ladybugs on them.
This picture washes them out so here they are on her dresser before we put them up.

Baby showers

Lacey and Betty hosted our first baby shower on November 2nd. We decided to have it at our house so fitting all the people in was a tight squeeze, but we managed. I love having people over so getting to have that mix of people at my house was a lot of fun. I love baby showers, but being at one for me and Todd was kind of surreal. Plus having all of that attention on you is kind of nerve wracking. We got a lot of good gifts so we are well on our way to getting the things she needs. Of course, I am still working on the thank you notes, but we are so appreciative of everyone who came and brought gift for her. It's at times like this, you realize how truly awesome your family and friends are. We would never be able to afford all of the things we've been given and I can't wait for Aubrey to here to enjoy them.
Lacey and Jeffrey made sure everyone knew which house the party was at with these balloons!

The yummy cake!The pregnant lady putting said yummy cake in her belly to share with AubreyOpening presents

Sunday, November 2, 2008

3d ultrasound

We had our 3d ultrasound yesterday and of, course Miss Aubrey was not very cooperative. She kept trying to hide her face with her foot and in the process, was kicking herself, which was kind of cute. At the end, she decided that she had had enough of us and tried to tuck her head in a spot behind my placenta so we knew it was time to quit at that point. But, we did get a couple of really cute shots and it was awesome to stare at her for 30 minutes. We got all of the pics on cd and then the whole process was put on DVD, which is really cool. The only bad news is I have an anterior placenta, which is why I am not feeling her kicks as much as other women. The ultrasound tech had told me that at my 12-week ultrasound and I forgot all about it until the tech reminded me yesterday. That means the placenta is attached the front of my uterus instead of the back side, like most placentas are. But, Mom said it shouldn't be a problem unless it's down close to the cervix, which could cause problems in delivery. But, we won't know that for a while, so I am not going to worry about it. The other little concern I have is that the umbilical cord is right near her head. I just have the fear of it getting wrapped around her neck. I know that she will move some more before she comes, but I just hope it's away from that cord. I can't help but worry. It's the mommy in me!
Side profile

Trying to talk to us!

Her little foot kicking her in the head

Her eyes were open in this one

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

28-week check up

I had my 28-week check-up yesterday and it was more eventful than most of the check-ups have been. My blood pressure was great and my doctor decided to keep my dosage the same, so that made me feel good. She said I am measuring right on track with my belly which is a good thing, as well. Aubrey's heartbeat was 128 and sounded as wonderful as always. I also had to do my gestational diabetes test during the visit and drinking the drink was not so bad. But, of course, that also meant blood had to be drawn, but honestly I think I was poked with so many needles during the visit what's a little a blood. I also had to have my flu shot and my Rhogam shot, so I really felt like a pin cushion. But, at least those are over. The only bummer of the visit was Dr. Gorsuch decided that I need to go to every 2 week visits now because of my blood pressure. Even though it's doing well, she is anticipating that it will start going up and she wants to keep an eye on it. Yay fun. But, then I realized that means I could possibly only have 8 more doctor's visits before she's here and that made it ok. As long as the BP stays in check and I pass my diabetes test, which I should know by the end of the week. If I fail it, then I have to go do the 3 hour test, but we are going to hope for the best and pray that I am good to go.

Now, my biggest concern is Aubrey's new resting position in my belly. Yesterday I felt movement at the bottom of my belly and it felt like she was pushing on my diaphram, which is not very comfortable. But today, there is more pressure on the right side of my uterus, so I have no clue what she's pushing on, but I wish she would move. There is plenty of room for her to move to right now so I wish she'd take advantage of it. But, she is moving a lot and it makes me laugh because my belly jmps when she moves. So cute. I can't wait until this weekend to see the 3d ultrasound. I can't believe we get to see her face. I am soooo excited!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Entering the home stretch

Well, I have started the 3rd trimester. Hard to believe. It really seems like yesterday I was moaning and groaning through the 1st trimester. The 2nd trimester was pretty easy and for the most part, I felt pretty good. But, I can tell it's all starting to go downhill now. I started feeling nauseous again this week, a symptom I never want to feel again. So, I am trying to eat more, but my uterus is pushing on my stomach, so I can't each much or I feel sick. So, I have to eat more often, which is annoying. I was talking to a coworker this morning who is also pregnant and we were both amazed at how much we are obsessed with eating and food. She's in the first trimester, so she's worried about what she does and doesn't like. Me, I am worried about when my next snack or meal will be. It's crazy.

Another fun thing about starting the 3rd trimester is I am starting to not sleep as well. I've always tossed and turned in my sleep, but now when I turn over, I usually wake up because it's so much harder to roll over with my belly in the way. Plus, I when I wake up, I realize I have to go to the bathroom and I despise getting up in the middle of the night because then I usually wake all the way up. So, I am trying to just make myself go back to sleep and not get up, but that is starting to get harder and harder.

I will say though, I am glad to be in the 3rd trimester. That means I am that much closer to getting to hold my baby and a lot of fun stuff happens in the next 13 weeks. We are doing our 3d ultrasound next Saturday and bringing most of the family with us. Hopefully, she'll cooperate and let us see her. Then, our shower is next Sunday and that should be a lot of fun. Of course, the holidays will be going on in the next few weeks and I am really excited about that. Lots of good food and hanging out with our families. Todd and I hoped last Christmas would be our last as just a couple, but it's ok because she will be here soon and that will be the best present ever.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wow, only a 100 days!

Unbelievable. In a 100 days, give or take a few, I will hopefully be holding my baby girl. It just hardly seems real. Todd and I got a reminder dose of what we're in for this weekend when we babysat my nephew. He is a really good baby and really only cried when he was hungry. But, Todd looked at me during the crying fit and said "I don't know how I am going to handle this." I told him he's got a little over 3 months to figure that out because she's coming, like it or not. He's really good with Dameon, I think it's just more of the reality is finally starting to settle with him. I loved every minute of watching Dameon. I hope Aubrey is a good baby just like him.

Having pregnancy brain means I can't remember if I posted this, so if I have, oh well. Todd's sister Traci recently got engaged (YAY!) and she wants Aubrey to be the flower girl in the wedding. I am so excited to think of buying a frilly, white lacy dress and seeing her look like a princess. Too much fun. I already have an idea on how to use the flower girl dress again and I can't wait. Shopping for clothes for myself has always been fun but this is even better. I am goiing to enjoy it as long as I can because I know they days of picking out her clothes are limited. I remember all too well when I started picking out my own clothes.

Speaking of awesome Aunt Traci and clothes, she went to the Osh Kosh outlet in Wisconsin and racked up on some clothes for Aubrey. So, her closet actually looks like someone lives in it and that is so awesome. Thank you Traci! I am so grateful that Aubrey already has people that love her and want to spoil her to pieces. Not everyone is as fortunate and sometimes I forget how lucky Todd and I are.

A view of her closet

Monday, October 6, 2008

Um, a little freaked out today

I think I had my first "oh crap, this baby is coming soon" moment this morning. A friend on Facebook didn't know I was pregnant until this weekend so she was asking how far along I was. I was joking when I said 2 weeks from starting the 3rd trimester, but that's no joke. CRAP! 3rd trimester...that means 13 weeks, plus the 2 'til I get there...means 15 weeks. Ok, taking deep breaths here. That just seems sooo soon. It's just doesn't seem like it should be that soon. I've got so much to get done. I mean I know I still have time, but the panic button has been hit. It was the same way for the wedding about 2.5 months beforehand, but this is so much bigger. You couldn't have told me that then, but planning the wedding seems like small fish now compared to having a baby. Ok, enough freaking out right now. But, seriously, I am just a little freaked out.

My other panic moment of the day was calling to start searching for day cares. I know people say day care is expensive, but good grief, I had no idea just how much. Basically, a 5 star day care is going to be half of my monthly bring home salary. Granted, that 5 star day care is awesome and has some good recommendations, but that amount is enough to pay for college tuition right now and she won't even be able to talk or move, yet. But, Todd and I really can't afford for me to stay at home because we need my insurance and the other half of my salary. And the difference between the 4 star and 5 star centers you ask? $20 per month. That's it. For $20, I would rather her be at the 5 star facility with the video cameras in the rooms so I can take a peek at her every now and again. We are spending a good bit more since we're choosing a center that's 5 minutes from my office. Darn high cost of living area. But, I want her close if anything happens during the day and I also hope to be able to go and feed her during my lunch. I knew I would be broke when we had children, but really, I had no idea. And, it's only just begun.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Baby clothes are trouble

I said I would not buy Aubrey any clothes because I know people love to buy baby clothes. Well, that went out the window while Todd and I were in Las Vegas. I couldn't resist buying a little sweat suit and jean jumper. They were just too cute. So, now everywhere I go, I have to drag myself out of the baby department because I can't afford to buy more clothes as this point. But, I did want to be her coming home outfit and I think I found the winner today. Todd is disappointed that we aren't doing Winnie the Pooh as the nursery theme, so when I saw the little Winnie the Pooh outfit, I had to buy it. And of course, the tights and shoes to go with it. Then, I had to make another hat for it. So. Stinkin'. Cute.

24 week check up

I had my 24-week check-up yesterday and things went quietly, which is a good thing. Her heartbeat was 137. Hearing it on the doppler never gets old. I was supposed to see Dr. Sharowy, but instead saw the NP, but I love her so that was ok. She measured my belly and said it is right on track for my due date. She explained that I will have my gestational diabetes test at my next visit and I am not looking forward to that. She also explained a little more about the Rh screening I would have at the end of the visit and the Rhogam shot I will get at the next visit as well. After I was finished with her, I went to the lab for my blood to be drawn. I swear, I have given up more blood in the past 4 months than ever in my life. But, I am good to go for another 4 weeks. But, a scary thing hit me when I was scheduling my next vist. It's scheduled on October 28, which means I'll be 30 at my next visit. I am struggling with the fact that only have a few weeks left until I turn 30. I know it's just a number, but it means another decade over in my life. Just very strange for me to know I won't be in my 20's anymore. The 20's were good, especially the 2nd half, so I hope my 30's goes just as well.

Las Vegas

Todd and I went to Las Vegas for our his work/our 1st anniversary/babymoon trip a few weeks ago and it was so much fun. Neither of us had ever been before and I was so amazed at all there is to do and see. We played the slots a little, Todd played cards, I shopped a lot, we saw a show, stayed in a fabulous hotel and saw tons of others, and had a gondola ride on our anniversary. Tons of fun. I hope to go back because being pregnant there is hard. First of all, the heat was no joke. We stepped off the plane on Saturday and it was 97 degrees. Quite a difference from the 60-ish degrees in Charlotte when we left that morning. And dry as a bone, as in 5% humidity. I know we complain about the humidity in the South in the summer, but I realized that some humidity is good. My 2nd complaint about being in Vegas while pregnant was all the people who smoked and had no respect for those of us that don't. I can't remember how many times I had to get up and move from a place because someone would light up. And, I think I look pretty pregnant now and so it amazed me that they really showed no respect for that. The final complaint about being in Vegas while pregnant is all the walking you have to do. Ok, we could have paid a fortune for cabs, but who wants to waste that kind of money. So we walked almost everywhere and that was so hard for me. Good exercise, but I was worn out at night. Another thing that was frustrating was the stupid people handing out their "escort service" cards with no respect. They would smack their cards to get your attention and then throw them in your face. Obviously, I was not interested in their services but you got bombared every 5 feet with these people and you would get frustrated. One of them almost hit me at one point and Todd did not take too kindly to that. I won't even mention flying for 6 hours, because I hate flying anytime, let alone at 22 weeks pregnant, but that was a necessary evil. But, like I said, we had a ton of fun and it was good to spend a lot of alone time together because I know that is coming to an end soon.

Our hotel.
Our fabulous hotel roomThe Bellagio water show and Ceasers Palace behind it

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Her first little hat

I finished Aubrey's first little hat last night. It's so teeny and I can't wait to see it on her.

First peek @ the nursery

Todd and I busted it out today. I was determined to get the nursery done today and we did. We got the 2nd coat of paint and touch-ups done. Then I put all the bedding on and we put the furniture in place. We then made a Target run to get the bookcase and new lamp. Todd put the bookcase together for me and hung the curtain rod and then I put the curtains up. And, whalah. Nursery done! Except for decorations. I am not as worried about getting those done right now, though. We are going to do her name above the crib and then some other various things, but I am just excited to have the biggest parts done.

Love my glider.

Her crib.

The bookcase and dresser.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Very productive today

Todd and I have been very busy today. We took all of the cardboard boxes from the furniture, glider, and my new computer to the recycling center. After running a few more errands, we came home and put the first coat of paint on the walls in Aubrey's room. It looks so good! We have borrowed Jimmy and Betty's camera, so I took a few pictures.

Todd at work.

We also went to the mall to run a few errands and went in Baby Gap for me to look at pants. I didn't really find anything for me so we stopped to look at the baby clothes. There were so many cute outfits in there and I could have bought all of them. I didn't buy anything because they were a little expensive for newborn clothes, but it did inspire me to come home and start working on her first hat. It's not quite done yet, but it's so cute and so tiny. Hopefully I can post a pic tomorrow.

A couple of days ago I also found my diaper bag. I had decided to get the Java Blue Vera Bradley diaper bag because that was my purse last year and I have tons of accessories to go with it. But I was on Facebook the other night and they added the new Spring 2009 colors to their page and I almost fell out of my chair. One of the new colors is called Purple Punch. It's black with purple flowers on it. I have been waiting on a purple Vera Bradley for the last 3 years so this was perfect timing. It matches her room so well so I can't wait to get it. Yes, I am excited about a bag. It doesn't take much.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My new love and new pregnancy complaint

Good news first. BRU called me Wednesday to tell me my new dresser was in. I asked if I could just pick it up when my glider came in and the lady told me to hold on. When she got back on the phone she told me the glider was in too! So, Dad, Jimmy, Todd and I went tonight to pick them up. This dresser looks so much better. No jacked up drawers. While they were unloading the dresser, I got to work putting my glider together. 4 easy screws and it was done. Man, I am in love with this glider. The fabric is so soft. And comfortable doesn't even begin to describe it and it's not even broken in yet. It reclines, too, which could be dangerous for me down the road because I can so see myself sleeping in it in the nursery. This is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture I have ever bought, but well worth every penny to me.

Now for the bad news. My belly has really popped out this week. Yay for looking really pregnant now, but boo for killing my back. My back is working so hard to compensate for the belly and it is killing me. I thought I was going to cry at the end of work today because it was so sore. I really hope it's not this painful for the rest of the pregnancy. I can't focus at work if I am hurting that much. I am doing Pilates and all the back exercises for pregnant women, so hopefully that will help strengthen all the muscles and ease this pain.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Before shots

We started working on Aubrey's nursery this weekend and getting it ready to paint. There were a ton of holes and dings in the wall, so I had my first lesson in spackling. We also put the crib together with minimal cussing and no fighting, so that was a major accomplishment.

Of course, I broke our camera at the beach, but I still wanted to get some shots of the room before we started the major stuff. So, I busted out the good ol' cell phone and snapped away. So, these are really crappy, but the point is to get an idea of the before, not the idea of the crappy picture.

Her busted dresser (see post below) and parts of the crib.

The wall and her closet.

The rest of her crib.

]Do you think I have enough sheets covering that crib?

Getting ready to paint

Whoo-hoo. Time to bring on the lavender paint and I can't wait! That will be this weekend's project.

Friday, September 5, 2008

20 weeks- Good doctor's visit, bad furniture

Well, Aubrey is officially halfway done gestating! I had my 20-week check up today and all is great. Her heartbeat sounded great and the nurse said she was moving a lot so she had a hard time keeping the doppler in one place to hear the heartbeat. Blood pressure was great at 120/78 and I was very happy about that. I met Dr. Vvong for the first time and I really liked her. She was very personable and actually chatted with me about how she got to feel her baby move for the first time. She said my 24-hour urine looked great and everything seemed to be right on target. She said at my next appointment they will be doing a Rh screening to see if I have developed any Rh antibodies and then I will get my first Rhogam shot at 28 weeks. Todd's blood type is A+ (Rh+) and mine is A- (Rh-). If Aubrey's blood is Rh+ and our blood mixes, I will be sensitized and my blood will make Rh antibodies (unless I've already developed them which is the reason for the screening at my next appointment). These antibodies will then attack an Rh positive baby's blood, causing it to breaking down the red blood cells of the baby and anemia will develop. In severe cases this hemolytic disease can cause illness, brain damage and even death. So, it's important that we prevent this, hence the Rhogam shot. Yay, fun, another shot. But, at least it is preventable. I'll also get another shot after she is born to prevent any future antibodies from developing. I also have to make sure if I get a blood transfusion, that they give me A- blood. Much fun.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got the call on the Thursday before Labor Day from BRU saying Aubrey's nursery furniture was in. Todd was out of town all weekend, so I took Dad, Jimmy and Betty with me to help me pick it up because as usual, I am impatient and wanted to see it right then. I asked the staff to let me see inside the box before we left and they acted like that was a hassle so we just brought it home. We unpacked the crib parts and everything looked pretty good there. But, when we unpacked the dresser, I was very upset. The drawers look like they aren't centered and the wood that holds them in was warped. So, the left side door will not close without rubbing the drawers, which I can see rubbing the finish off eventually. The furniture was made by Baby Italia, which is supposed to be one of the better brands so I couldn't believe they let that defect go to distribution. The directions in the box said if there was a problem, I had to contact the manufactor 1st before returning it. So, I emailed them and at first they just wanted to send me new doors and drawers. I told them I thought it was structural and not the drawers or doors, so I really didn't think it could be fixed. They agreed and told me to return it to BRU. So, I called BRU and they said they would order me another one and I could bring in the defective one to exchange it. So, that made me feel much better. Hopefully, Todd and I will be putting the crib together tomorrow because I can't wait to see it together. We still need to spackle some holes in the walls before we paint and I am also hoping that gets finished tomorrow. I really want to get this nursery finished soon before I get miserable.

BRU also called me today and let me know my glider was at the distribution center so I could order it. They took all the information over the phone and just like that it was ordered. They also have it on sale for 15% off so I got a pretty good deal. It should be here in the next 2 weeks and I can't wait to sit in it! This is a pic of what is looks like, except ours will have white microfiber instead of sage green. It is so comfortable.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Busy day

I met the family in Gastonia for Casey's birthday lunch so I decided to make the most out of the trip by going to a few places only the Gas-house has. First I went to Mary Jo's because I didn't like the curtains made for Aubrey's bedding and I knew they'd have something in fabric heaven for me. I really didn't go in with any ideas of what I wanted, but I knew it when I saw it. I bought this awesome plum colored sheer material that matches the plum in the beadspread. I forgot to measure the window before I left so I just took a wild guess at what I would need. I wasn't and am still not sure if I am going to make just a valence or full panels yet, but I bought plenty so I can do either. I am not a great seamstress by any stretch of the imagination, so I hope this fabric isn't a pain to sew. Straight lines shouln't be that hard. I had also hoped to find some cute fabric to make a tablecloth for the side table, but since I haven't bought the table yet, I decided to hold off so I can get better measurements.

I also went to the Motherhood store in hopes of actually finding a pair of maternity jeans in a petite length. Mission finally accomplished. It has been a chore finding those jeans. They are so comfy though and it really makes me wonder why buttons were ever put on pants.

I was pretty tired by the time I finished those 2 chores, but I still wanted to buy paint for the nursery so I sucked it up and went to Lowe's. Choosing a paint color was even harder than finding fabric at Mary Jo's. There are so many colors that looked awesome with the bedding so I just stood there for 20 minutes comparing those little paint swatches. I settled on a color somewhere between light plum and lavender. I can't wait to start painting, which I know thrills Todd to no end ;-)! I was really hoping to paint before the furniture was put in, but that isn't an option anymore because BRU called Thursday and said the crib and dresser are here! I was fully expecting them to tell me the furniture had been put on back order or something after all the drama there last week, especially since it had only been 6 days since we ordered. So, I volunteered Dad and Todd's parents to help me go pick it up tomorrow since Todd is not here. I can't wait to see it. Not that I can do anything with it yet, but that's just one more thing done. I still need to clean the carpet in there, but I don't want to do that until we get the couch and recliner out of there. I am trying to work on the patience, but I really can't wait to see the room done!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Furniture and bedding ordered

2 big check marks for us. We ordered the bedding Thursday night. We had it picked out before we knew the sex so we just hit order on the website and it will be here Monday! I think it's very cute and not "babyish" so it should hopefully last until Aubrey is a toddler.

We also ordered her furniture today. We had intended to get white but the sales person at BRU said they couldn't guarantee when or if they would be able to order the white set we liked. So, we decided to go with a color similar to the bedding photo and found furniture in an espresso color that we liked. We spent a small fortune, but the crib converts to a toddler bed, day bed, and then full size bed so it could very well last us until she is in college. We also bought the matching dresser which will serve as the changing table. I am pretty excited that she will have nice furniture and I can't wait to see it when it gets here!
We also planned to order the glider, but of course the one we wanted wasn't available to order yet, so as soon as they give us the call, we will put it on order. I can't find a good picture because we are having it special ordered, but it is pretty and comfortable!

Her nursery is really coming together. Next on the list will be paint. Todd is not looking forward to it, but I can't wait!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's a....

...Girl!!! Aww, I am so excited. I was convinced it was a boy so when we saw the girl shot on the screen I was in shock. Of course, Todd's first comment was "I better load up on ammunition." I think he's in love already.

So, introducing Miss Aubrey Grace!!!

No doubt she's a girl!

Everything looked great during the ultrasound and she weighs a whopping 8 ounces! Now, we only have to wait 5 months to hold her!

But, on a different stroke, let the shopping begin!

Friday, August 8, 2008

16 week check up

Nothing too exciting, today, but no complaints either. Baby's heartbeat was 155 and it (man I can't wait to say he/she) has moved up and more to the middle of my belly. Blood pressure was great. I was a little concerned about the # on the scale when I got on, but no one else seemed to be concerned, so I won't stress that too much. The worst part about today was learning I have to collect urine all day Sunday and take it back on Monday so they can have a baseline protein level if I ever develop preeclampsia. Yuck. That means I will be late to work on Monday and have to work through lunch, even more yuck. But, I know sacrifice is the name of the motherhood game, so I am learning to deal.

I have finally started working out again and that feels good. I am trying to find more prenatal exercise videos, but most stores don't stock them. So, I did a light modified version of Tae Bo yesterday and that almost kicked my butt, so I don't know if I'll do that again. The prenatal yoga is just boring to me and I am not supposed to be on my back anymore, so Pilates is out. And, it's too hot outside to walk. So, I am heading out to Barnes and Noble in a few minutes to check out what they may have.

The other bummer is I have almost completely outgrown most of my pre-pregnancy clothes. So, I am stuck with a pretty limited wardrobe for a while. I don't want to buy any more summery things right now because I won't wear them much longer. I started looking for pants and winter clothes, but I haven't found much. My Bella bands might work for a while, but I am really going to need some true maternity winter pants for work in the next few months. I know, more excuses to shop, but I just have a hard time justifying clothes for 9 months. Plus, I am trying to save money for Vegas and so spending is kind of limited.

Only 12 more days until the BIG ultrasound. I can't wait!!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Looking better

I went back to the doctor today to follow up on my blood pressure. So, the nurse started to take my blood pressure and then she said, no, let's find the heart beat first. My first thought was, not such a good idea since that tends to stress me out a bit, but not much I could really do. So, after a good 5 minutes of searching, she found the heart beat and that sounded great. So, I guess that lowered the stress level. She then took my blood pressure and it was 112/72. Much better than the 140ish/70 is was at the last appointment. So, then the NP comes in and actually sits down to talk to me, imagine that. She said everything is looking good with the bp and asked me if I was keeping a log of my bp and told her I did for the 1st week after I started the medicine, but it was really staying in the 125ish/70ish range so I stopped. She said she checked my urine for protein and that was negative, so all is well. I go back in 2 weeks for my 16 week check up and then in 4 weeks, we have the big ultrasound. Whoo-hoo. I can't believe it's almost time to find out if it's a boy or girl. My co-worker just found out she is having a girl and the other co-worker that's almost due any day is having a girl, so we figured we have to have the boy! But, seriously, I can't wait to see so I can start picking out the bedding and clothes. I will never have allowance again because it will all be spent on baby stuff. So much fun!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

BP monitoring and baby stuff

Nothing too eventful over the past week. I started taking the blood pressure medication and I really can't tell a difference in the numbers I am getting on the blood pressure cuff. Cutting the salt from my diet has been a lot harder though. When we got groceries last week, we were checking labels more carefully, but eating out is what kills me. But, I am trying to do better. Plus, I started doing yoga tonight and trying to walk more so hopefully those will all help. The best help has been talking to my coworker who is also pregnant and had hypertension before she got pregnant. She knows tons about the medicines and dealing with hypertension and she is really good about answering my questions. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday and hopefully the nurse practitioner will be more forthcoming with information and give me a good report.

Todd and I started looking at baby stuff last week. Man, it is expensive. Just the glider and ottoman I want are $500. Both cribs we liked were also in the $500 range. We also started comparing car seats and strollers and it is amazing to me how much there is to know and look at. The only purchase we've made so far is for me. I broke down and bought a Snoogle. It's basically a long body pillow to help me sleep on my side. I have always been a belly sleeper and I know I probably won't be able to comfortably sleep that way much longer. So, I am trying to train myself to sleep on my left side, which is supposed to help blood flow. So far I am not doing to great and I am tossing and turning a lot more. I am just trying to figure out the best way to configure the pillow and myself and I can be the most comfortable and get the best sleep. Just another joy of being pregnant. Already making these huge changes to my life and the baby is not even close to being here yet.

We've also finally decided on 2 baby names that we both like. We've had our girl name for a while now, but have been arguing and texing back and forth about the boy name. We are both pretty excited to at least have that part done. I am not going to post them just yet just in case we decide to change either of them. I hope not, but I'm pregnant, so who knows what notion will come to my mind.

Friday, July 11, 2008

12 week check-up

Sort of a mixed check-up today. The best part was hearing the baby's heartbeat. It was at 160 bpm and sounded so neat. It took them forever to find it and I was really starting to get nervous there at the end. I always tend to prepare for the worst but I really, really didn't want to have to deal with the worst. Luckily, the nurse was persistent and found it really low in my abdomen. Such a relief.

Then the doctor came in and started harping on my blood pressure. I admitted I was nervous when the nurse took it since I was worried about finding the heartbeat today. She seemed to think it's not related to my weight (which I've gained 6 pounds, not so good) or stress, so she put me on blood pressure meds. I am not thrilled about that, but what can I do. I kind of wished she let me observe it for 2 weeks and then start meds, but she said that blood pressure should drop during pregnancy and my has been progressively getting higher. Of course, Todd gets all stressed and nervous. He really doesn't want me being on meds because he is worried I'll be on them the rest of my life, but I told him I don't think the doctor is going to do something that will hurt me. I talked to my mom about the whole deal and she agrees that it is a bit high and encouraged me to get a blood pressure monitor to have at the house. The only thing I am worried about with the meds is the doctor told me I may get more tired. How is that possible? I don't think I can get much more tired. So, now I feel like a senior citizen taking my blood pressure twice a day, cutting my salt, and taking medicine. Fun stuff.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Not much new

There hasn't been a whole lot new going on lately. I thought the morning sickness and exhaustion were gone because I've felt really good the past week or so. But, they both came back with a vengeance today. So, I went back to the routine of eating all day and then a 2 hour nap after work. Not fun. I am trying to get back into exercising, but that's not easy when I am sleeping all day.

I've been doing a lot of clothes shopping for me the past few weeks because none of my old clothes fit right anymore. It's kind of bittersweet buying maternity clothes. While I love any excuse to shop, I hate not being able to wear the clothes I have. A lady at work that is 8 months preggers is also going to give me some of her maternity clothes. Sweet.

Hopefully Todd can finish the attic soon so we can clean out what will be the baby's room. I want to get that done since there isn't a whole lot else for me to do. I've started pricing bedding and furniture and I can't wait until it's time to pick it out. I looove decorating and I am sure the baby's room will be no different.

The other item I would like to tackle would be the name list. We've got a pretty good girl's name settled on, but we cannot agree with a boy's name. We've both thrown out some good names and thought we had one picked out before I even got pregnant. But, then I decided I didn't like it anymore. I want to have the name before the big ultrasound in a few weeks so once we know, we can start calling him/her by his/her name. I am so excited to think that we'll know that so soon. The last part of this trimester has gone faster than the first few weeks I've known. Only 28 weeks and 1 day to go!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

First ultrasound!!!

Well, I had my first ultrasound yesterday. I got kind of nervous when she told me it was an internal one because I wasn't really prepared for that. But, I forgot about it once I saw the baby flash up on the screen. It was so awesome that I just about started crying. Part of me had really been trying to prepare for the worst, so to actually see a living little baby on that screen was unbelievable. She determined that I was 8 weeks, 2 days along, which puts the due date January 21, 2009. Awesome. Then I saw the doctor, who said all my initial tests came back normal and everything looks great. Todd decided that he had to start telling everyone right away, so he was on the phone as soon as we left the doctor's office. I'm telling people a little more slowly, I guess just still being cautious. I am excited, but still nervous since it's only 8 weeks along.

So, we went out to celebrate with Nick and Bethany last night. After dinner Todd took me to the mall and bought me 2 pregnancy books and the Willow Tree pregnancy figurine. Sooo sweet. I bought 2 pairs of maternity pants at the Gap and they are so comfortable. I had an even worse time finding petites in maternity clothes than I do regular, so I just gave up and bough regulars and I will try to hem them. I also bought some prenatal workout videos because I have to start working out. I got on the scale at the doctor's office and I wasn't happy with the number. I know I am supposed to be gaining weight, but I am really already overweight, so I've got to watch my eating and start exercising again. So, I did prenatal yoga last night and that was relaxing. I am trying to convince Todd to buy a treadmill so I can walk more. I am trying not to stress it, but I want to be healthy as I can.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

1st doctor visit

I think I am more frustrated after this visit than I was before. I went in thinking I would leave with a pretty firm due date. Um, not so much. They first calculated for December 23rd. The nurse tried to listen to the heartbeat with the doppler and couldldn't find it, which she said is sometimes normal. She went to get the ultrasound tech, but she was busy, so she said maybe we'd hear it the next time. Ok, fine. So, the nurse practitioner came in to start the physical part of the exam and we told her about all the earlier negative tests and when the symptoms started and she said maybe I'm not as far as I thought. Greeaaatttt. After feeling my uterus, she said she really doesn't think I am 11 weeks, but she is not sure. Even better. So, she said we'd schedule an ultrasound for 2 weeks and we'd know more then. Freakin wonderful. 2 more weeks before I know anything else. So, then they took tons of blood and sent me about my day. The ultrasound is scheduled for Friday, the 13th which is not much on the cool side, but hopefully I'll know more then. I still haven't heard them say I am officially pregnant, which worries me a smidge, but I am trying not to stress about it too much. I am just trying to be patient and wait until next Friday. I'm not one for patience, so it's killing me to wait, but I am trying to learn.

So, we started telling our coworkers since we'll be missing more time from work. And we've told almost all of the immediate family. That has been exciting, I just really hope I don't have to come back with bad news. Hopefully, all is well and we'll soon be able to tell everyone the good news and a due date.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Very surprising news!

I haven't been feeling good at all lately. I stay tired and my breasts have been very tender. I choked it to being the worst PMS ever. Wrong. Earlier this week I started counting days since my last period and I thought, uh ohhhh. It's been like 41 days. Not a good sign. So, then I did the math of when our "uh oh" moment happened and realized it was April 1st and the last "period" was exactly 18 days later. Exactly enough time for implantation bleeding. Which means I could have gotten pregnant April 1st and never had a clue. Todd and I were concerned in April so we took 5 pregnancy tests, yes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 tests over a week's time and nothing showed positive, so we figured we were safe. But, after I told him all the realizations I was having about timing, we knew something wasn't right. So, we went to the drug store and bought another pack of pregnancy tests. He said if I am really that far along, I should have hormones running like crazy so he told me to take the test as soon as we got home. And, sure enough pregnant starts flashing on the digital test. Then the tears started. More scared than anything, because I have not been the healthy pregnant woman I should have been. So, I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and hopefully all goes well. From what I can figure, I will be do December 23rd. I really hate that my baby will have to compete with Christmas, but that is the biggest and best gift I have ever been given so I won't complain. I am beyond scared and also excited all at the same time. The other good news is a lady that I work with (and we also bought our house from her and her husband without realizing it) is due at the same time so I have someone to sympathize and compare stories with. I am trying not to get toooo excited at this point, because I don't know for sure what's going on until I get to the doctor. I told Todd either way I am ok. If I am pregnant, then yay, bring on the baby. But, if I've miscarried because of all the unhealthy things I've done over the last 10 weeks, then it was meant to be and we will try again when we can.

Todd has been so sweet and supportive. I never doubted he would, but it has been nice to be taken care of. He even bought me flowers on Thursday because he knew I was in shock.
We haven't told the families yet. We are going to wait to tell them on Father's Day at our annual cookout. It is killing me not to say anything, but I want to make sure I have good news to tell. Only 2 weeks, it shouldn't be sooo bad.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Baby on hold....plus a new nephew

Well, the baby makin has been on hold for a while. I got a new job a month ago, so that means I am not eligible for FMLA until February 09. But, it's ok because I am making more money and have a pretty cool and safer job. It does make me sad that it will be this time next year before I'll get to be a mommy, but I know everything happens for a reason.

On a much more positive note, my brother and his girlfriend welcomed Dameon Kane *see pic below* into the world yesterday, which means I am an auntie. Which is cool for now. I get to do all the cool auntie duties and then pass him back to his parents for the bad stuff. Not a bad deal. While it is still hard to believe my brother is a father, I am excited for him and excited about my new role.

Welcome to Mr. Dameon Kane!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

1st month TTC over

Well, the first month of TTC is now over. I was very sad when I started last Thursday. Even though I had a pretty good idea I wasn't pg, it still stunk to have it confirmed. I also took a pg test Friday morning just to be sure. I guess part of me really thought it would happen the first month like several other people I know. I just have to keep remembering that God knows what he is doing and when the time is right, it will happen. I just really wish that time were now.