Sunday, March 17, 2013

14 months

I am thankful that Mason turned 14 months today because it reminded me this little guy turned 5 today! Not quite sure how that's possible, but he is such a big boy now. Unfortunately, I haven't seen him since he was 2.5 because they moved to Texas, but I miss him and hate that Aubrey and Mason can't get to know their cousin and my brother and his girlfriend.

Ok, on to Mason's milestones.

*His right bottom lateral incisor broke through March 1 and the left one finally came through March 8. I thought we might get a break from the teething misery after the left incisor, but his hand is still a constant fixture in his mouth and he has still been pretty whiny so I am guessing another tooth is starting to come through as well.
*He now loves to say bye-bye and wave. He gets the biggest thrill over using this new combination of skills.
*He will point at things and grunt at you until you acknowledge it.
*He will stand independently only for a second, but really prefers to hold on to things for dear life.
*He had a sick visit to the doctor following a 104 degree fever, but as expected it was diagnosed as just a virus that we had to just ride out.
*He can drink from straw and is constantly going after my Tervis tumbler and straw
*He has developed a love of being outside. He will stand at the backdoor and stare outside with this longing look. Luckily, we've had some nice weather and have been able to spend some time outside and he loves it.
*He was able to to see his first big snow (the big whole inch of it) but wasn't able to go outside and play because 3 of the 4 of us were sick.
*First haircut
*He has started to climb up on things, like the PBK chair or the picnic table outside.

First time drinking from a straw

I was able to catch him standing independently for a split second.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

First hair cut

After weeks of agonizing and procrastinating, it was decided Mason finally had to have a hair cut. I was so sad about this necessity for some reason. I hated to cut the sweet little baby curls. Plus, it was just another reminder that he is getting so big. But, a few comments had been made about his crazy hair so I knew it was time. So, we took him to a children's salon and it was just about as crazy as I imagined it would be. He had no desire to be strapped in a chair and have his head tugged this way and that by some strange lady. We tried all the distracting tricks in our book, but they all failed. But, in the end we were happy with the end result, even if he did look like a such a big boy. However, I am not excited to know I get to do this every month or so to keep it looking good.