Thursday, October 19, 2017

April 2017

April was the start to lots and lots of craziness in our life that deserves its own whole post so this month's post will be a bit skimpy because we were so focused on that craziness.

Before the craziness started, we got to spend lots of time at the baseball field because Mason started his 2nd season of t-ball. Todd sort of ended up being the default head coach, which meant he got to pick the team name. So, of course he had to go with our favorite Braves. Unfortunately, I missed the first game because I had training for work (again, a whole other post. Different than the crazy post I listed above. Lots of craziness I tell you) but there were lots of people to cheer him on and I received lots of pics. I did get to go to most of the other games but missing that first one still hurt this momma's heart.

We enjoyed a beautiful Easter day at home and church before going to my in-law's house for dinner. The kids were super excited about their Easter baskets  but also balanced that with tons of questions about the meaning of Easter. It was a hard discussion to have with a 5-year old about Jesus dying and coming back but he seemed to be ok with that simple of an explanation. 

Aubrey went 3D with their letter this year and it was so cute.

Turning a holiday into a math lesson by counting his eggs. 

The only other child-related even this month was taking Aubrey to the American Girl store at South Park for a party. She was so excited that we finally bought some bangs for her doll Abby. 

So, 2 more posts will come later that will connect back to this month but I've got to get prepared to write them. Because, serious changes started this month and I can't wait to share.

March 2017

March started busy season back up for us. We spent quite a few dance this month in an auditorium with loud music and sequins.....aka dance competitions and shows. I competed dance from ages 9-15 so I knew they would be early mornings and late nights so I was mentally prepared for the long days. But, it was so much more fun as an adult to be there. As a kid, I was always nervous and stressed about performing well so I never really watched the other dances. I really enjoyed watching the other teams dance this time and getting to relax while someone else stressed about their dances. Oddly enough, I wasn't really nervous for Aubrey because I knew their teams would do well. She competed 2 dances with her team and then 1 large production number with the whole troupe. Their teacher is an amazing choreographer and has such a talent with dance and works so hard to make these girls good. And it shows. They racked up so many awards with the various dances and it was so fun to see.

In a cruel twist in weather, after having a nice February, March returned to cold and yuck, including another snow. This one was much smaller than January's, but enough for the kids to gear up and go outside to play.

February 2017

After the craziness of the holidays and January birthdays, we always look forward to the more quiet February. We enjoyed some beautiful weather which is always a nice treat considering its such a blah month. We even got brave and bought kites because it was so nice and windy enough for them. The kids really enjoyed it, until Todd got one stuck in the tree.

The medical system I work for is a sponsor of the local professional hockey team the Checkers and they offered us discounted tickets to a game, so we took the kids. Aubrey was in heaven because she had decided that hockey was her favorite sport, despite never attending any prior games. But, Mason loves all sports equally so he was just as happy. Aubrey and I missed the first goal because we were going to the restroom but we got to meet their mascot Chubby on the way, so it made up for it.

Aubrey's school always has spirit week in February and she loves the chance to dress in clothes other than her uniform for a week. We found the perfect items to make an 80's outfit for decades day and it was perfect.

Todd and I took a trip to Charleston to visit an old coworker of mine so the kids got to spend a weekend with their Aunty Lacey and they were thrilled. I didn't take one picture of the whole weekend but it was so nice to get away for a weekend without the kids.

We had to leave Charleston super early to get home and get Aubrey ready for her first dance competition showcase. She started the team this year and while I was excited for her, I was also a little nervous. Aubrey was one of the 2 youngest on the team and I was wondering how she would fit in and dance compared to the older girls. I should have known not to worry because they used her littleness to their advantage and used her in all the lifts, which made her feel super special. It made this momma's heart drop a beat watching her go up in the air but she loved it, which made it all better.

So, that was our quiet February. Quiet and calm after the storm.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

January 2017

As usual, January was full of birthday fun. But, before we could start the celebrations, we got to enjoy some beautiful North Carolina snow. For NC, we actually got a decent amount so the kids (big and small) got to enjoy some nice sledding and snow ball fights in our neighborhood.

Thankfully, the snow was gone by the time we needed to leave for our Mason's 5th birthday celebration in Orlando. As much as I was dreading my baby boy turning 5, having that milestone birthday in Disney World seemed to make it a bit easier. We decided to stay on the Disney property this time and stayed at All Star Sports and Mason loved it. After having a fabulous character breakfast at Chef Mickey's we spent Mason's actual birthday in Hollywood Studios and Mason got to experience almost all of the Star Wars attractions. The next day, we visited Animal Kingdom, which was a treat for all of us because even Todd and I had never been there. Our last day of the trip was spent at Magic Kingdom and by the end of the day, we were all exhausted so we probably didn't get as much excitement about that day as we should have. 

With Mickey at Chef Mickey's

Watching the Storm Trooper parade through Hollywood Studios.

He chose a funnel cake for his birthday cake and it was bigger than his head.

Yep, 38 years old and no shame in taking a picture with my favorite guy Goofy.

The kids (with squinty sun faces) in front of the Tree of Life

Meeting Donald Duck at Animal Kingdom.

Obligatory Cinderella's Castle picture at the Magic Kingdom.

After the exhaustion of traveling to Florida, we decided to have a super low key birthday for Aubrey. She had dance on her birthday so we brought cupcakes for her friends to enjoy during class. Afterwards, she got her presents from us and enjoyed some cupcakes at home. Later that weekend, we invited her BFF over for a sleepover, which was one one of the most requested events in our house.  The girls had a blast and made Aubrey's birthday celebration a blast.

As usual, I was happy when January was over. Traveling and 2 birthdays made it an exhausting month so I was ready to get back to some sense of normalcy.

December 2016

We have lots of catching up to do. There has been lots of life going on since I last added to my blog so I just need to jump in and type away.

December as usual was such a busy month. I love the holiday season but there always seems like so much to do and it goes so quickly.

We started off with our Christmas/family pictures. I love getting these pictures every year because I get to see the real difference in the kids over the years and it is amazing.

Aubrey was in her first Christmas show at school and it was....interesting. I think the music teacher had some really high expectations for these 2nd and 3rd graders because this musical was really, really long. But, I have to be proud of Aubrey. Miss I Don't Like To Be In Front Of An Audience auditioned for a role and was given the opportunity for a speaking part. She did a great job. The play was really cute, but just a big dragged out and hard to understand at times.

We made our second journey to Christmas in Davidson and the kids seemed to really enjoy it again. It was pretty cold that night but something about celebrating Christmas just seems to make you forget how cold it is. 

Todd and I riding the trolly to the festivities.

Our next holiday celebration was watching Mason's last preschool Christmas show. Oh, the waterworks that ensued when I realized it was our last preschool Christmas show. This was the 5th time we've watched those cuties sing Christmas songs and it never gets old. 

The kids enjoyed wearing their Christmas jammies to church for Jesus' birthday party. Something about wearing pjs out in public just makes any event better. And add in a birthday party and it just was over the top.

Todd and the kids did the annual trip to Raleigh to visit his family while I went to work. Once they got home, I took the kids off Todd's hands and they built their first gingerbread train. The loved building it, but I had to watch them really closely to make sure they didn't eat all of the decorations.

The kids are really getting into writing the letter to Santa. It is so cute to watch them come up with the "perfect" letter and to watch Mason practice his writing.

Christmas Day was such a fun day. We actually had to wake the kids up to go open presents because we were so excited. After seeing Santa's loot, we did our traditional breakfast at Todd's parents. The kids spent Christmas Day playing with their toys before my parents and sister came over for dinner. Even though there was nothing different about our Christmas, I love the traditions and that the kids anticipate them. 

We spent New Year's Eve with my parents celebrating my mom's birthday. We did some shopping and then Todd grilled some yummy steaks, which was so much better than going out to fight the crowds. After my parents went home, Mason and Todd ended up crashing well before midnight so Aubrey and I brought in the New Year watching the ball drop on tv. It is fun that she is getting so excited about these traditions and I can't wait to see how they develop as she gets older.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

November 2016

November was a great month, but super busy. We started off the month by attending an awards ceremony for the Gaston County Recycled Art contest. We found out Aubrey won 3rd place with her bottle top jewelry and we were so excited for her. She told us that the kids pick on her because her art is not good so it was some sweet news for her to hear that she won a prize for her art. She got to miss the day from school to attend the ceremony at the Gaston County Library and was tickled with that. She was given a certificate and a gift card to Hobby Lobby, which just made her day.

Mason wrapped up his first season of team soccer and was so excited to get another trophy. I think soccer replaced t-ball as his favorite sport and he showed a lot of promise on the field.

The kids were pretty excited to go vote with me this year. The precinct volunteer told the kids to make sure I only watched my machine and followed all the instructions and the kids took their job very seriously. They were excited to show of their stickers afterwards and made sure to tell me they told their friends they "voted." I am glad I can include them in on the voting process and hope they are excited to vote when they are old enough.

Aubrey got to attend her first dance convention this year. I was a little nervous about the whole deal because I knew she was going to be in over her head and I was afraid she would get frustrated. While I was right that the classes were really hard for her, she managed to keep a positive attitude and try so hard to keep with the older girls. I was very proud of her and can't wait to watch as she grows in dance over the next year.

Per tradition, we hosted Thanksgiving at our house again and it was perfect. The weather was awesome and the food was fantastic. I love all things about Thanksgiving and this one was perfect.

We picked out our Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it was a really great tree. The kids loved decorating the house later that afternoon and enjoyed their hot chocolate tradition that comes along with it.

We ended the month with the Mount Holly Christmas parade. Aubrey was so nervous to dance in the parade for the first time because she has always ridden in the truck with the dance studio. But, she did a great job and enjoyed seeing her friends along the route. Mason enjoyed sitting on the sidelines with my parents and catching the candy thrown at him.