Saturday, July 25, 2015

Catching Up....May and June 2015

Little sad blog has been neglected the past 2 months. I have not gone that long without posting since finding out I was pregnant with Aubrey and I feel kind of bad about it.

However, there is good reason for my blog neglect. As of May 2015, I am an official college student all over again. I have wanted to go back to school for the past 10 years, but life kind of got in the way. My Master's degree serves me well, but I've known for a long time I am burned out in mental health counseling. I have always wanted to do more direct medical care but wasn't quite sure what I wanted to be when I "grew up." Well, being in physical therapy for the past 5 months showed me that I am still geared for therapy, but really interested in the physical part instead of the mental part. So, I am going back to school to get my doctorate in physical therapy. Just typing that sounded so scary, but I am so excited. I have to go back and retake 9 courses from undergrad that are too old (sigh....) for me to get admitted and I have to take a few new courses that I didn't have in undergrad. I decided to knock out my worst subject first by taking Precalculus over the summer. I am glad I took it by itself because this class was tough. I literally spent 3 hours per night working on coursework. I am taking most of my classes online so that means I spend 100% of my school time attached to a computer. Its nice that it fits in my schedule, but tough because you are really teaching yourself. So the past 8 weeks I spent every free minute doing school work or with general life "stuff" so I had zero time to do anything extra or fun, hence the neglect of this blog. But, I am free from school until August 17 so I plan to get caught up with the blog and the million other tasks I neglected in the mean time.

So, May happened, obviously. We started out the month with a nice rite of passage in our house. Aubrey decided she wanted bangs and didn't want to wait on Mommy's time frame, so she cut them herself at school. With her safety scissors. Fortunately, she didn't do a bad job and cut them a decent length so we just had to do a little fix at the salon and went on with life.

May also meant dance recital month. It never gets old watching your child dance. Aubrey is really enjoying dance and it makes me so happy to share that passion with her.

Mason wrapped us his first year of preschool with their end of year performance. He was such a ham and had zero problems being in front of a crowd.

We made 2 trips to the lake in May and the kids had such a blast. They both have their own fishing rods and would have stayed out for hours fishing if we let them. The water was still too cold to swim in at that point, but they found plenty of ways to entertain themselves.

Before we knew it, June started. Aubrey wrapped up her last of school. I still can't believe she is finished with Kindergarten. She learned so much this year and had such a good report card. She is taking after me by becoming quite the bookworm. She's about half a grade level above where she has to be and that makes me proud. However, she is also quite the math girl and participate in an extra math class over the year. We are so proud of how much she accomplished and can't wait to see what next year brings.

Aubrey and her teacher Mrs. Mims.

Once school was out, we started doing all the fun summer stuff, like going to the pool and the splash pad. My kids definitely enjoy the water and will jump at the chance to play in it.

One of my favorite parts of the month was getting to see my brother and his family for the first time in 2 years. They live in Texas so traveling to NC is quite an ordeal. I was so excited to meet my new niece Jolene and spend time with my nephew. I also enjoyed spending time with my brother and his girlfriend. I am so proud of the brother and the life he has made for himself. He had a lot of struggles in his 20's and it makes me happy that he has settled down and is such a good dad to his kids. 

One of the nights they were in NC, we kept my niece and nephew at our house so the kids could have a big sleepover. It quickly reminded us that we are way past the baby stage in our house, but it was fun to see the kids play and have a good time so we forgot just how much work it really was.

Just as we did for Aubrey at age 3, we started Mason in soccer. He was so excited to participate and seemed to enjoy it, which is a stark contrast to Aubrey. It was so cute to see a bunch of 3-year olds kicking those little soccer balls around and running after them. Mason enjoyed himself so much that we are going to sign him up again in the fall.

The definite low of the month was getting some bad news about our sweet dog Bailey. We took her to the vet in late May because she had a dramatic increase in appetite and thirst, but they could not figure out what was going on. About 2 weeks later, we noticed that she was starting to bump into stuff and acting confused. 3 days later, her vision was completely gone. The vet ran a bunch of tests and still couldn't find anything wrong. They seem to think it could be cancer, but we don't want to spend all the money on a MRI because there is no way we could do treatment at her age so a diagnosis is a moot point for the time being. She seems fine and has adjusted to her new way of life, but it still breaks my heart. We are hoping that it's not really cancer, but only time will tell at this point. We are just going to love on her and appreciate whatever time we are blessed to have her in our lives. 

So, that was May and June. For the most part, we have had an excellent start to our summer and are no where near ready for it to end.