Monday, April 14, 2014

March 2014

So, I realize we are halfway through April and I have still not written a stitch about March. So now I have to go back and try to remember stuff from a month ago and that can be kind of tough on a Mommy brain. Must.Try.To.Remember.Ye.Ol'.Blog.More.Frequently. Working and training for the half marathon sucked the extra energy I had so I hope to do better next month.

March was a tough month. Somehow, winter decided to stick around a lot longer than usual. In fact, I have a picture of stinkin ice on my car that I took in March. No bueno. We got a few hints of Spring through the month, but after the crappy cold winter we had, I was really hoping March would have brought more warmer weather.

We have officially made the call that Mason has moved past the dairy and soy intolerance. ::Happy dance:: However, there is no doubt he is lactose intolerant and he lets us know it if we forget a Lactaid pill. His diapers are terrible after straight dairy and we always notice he is extra grumpy. I know it means his tummy doesn't feel good, so I really just have to be diligent about giving him the Lactaid when I know he might eat straight diary. But, seriously, hallelujah to the fact that we can finally let up on the eating restrictions. We can go out to eat pretty much wherever without worrying about bringing extra food for Mason. That's doesn't mean he'll eat the new foods (he wouldn't even eat pizza, sigh....) but at least we can introduce him to new foods and hope this toddler pickiness goes away soon.

Mason's upper right 2nd molar broke through around the middle-ish of the month. I noticed it around the 18th and I saw a big chunk of tooth, so I am guess it had been out a few days at that point. 2 down and 2 to go. Will it ever end???!!!

Let's talk a little about this Frozen movie obsession that has taken over my house. We wanted to take Aubrey to the theater to see Frozen, but for a million different reasons, we never made it. It was finally released to DVD in March and my mom bought it for the kids and OMG, they are both obsessed. I've lost count of how many times they've watched it. And, they love, love, love "Let It Go" so I caved and bought it from iTunes, so they beg incessantly that we listen to it in the car.  And Mason attempts to sing (aka scream) "let it go" when he wakes up in the morning because he loves it. I'll admit the movie is cute, but I'll be glad when the obsession dies just a smidgen so we can watch a different movie and listen to a different song in the car.

Todd has attempted to start teaching Aubrey how to play the piano. Both kids love to beat the daylight out of the keyboard when I'll let them, but finally Aubrey said she really wanted to learn to play. So, Todd got out the primer book and started doing a few lessons with her. He started playing at her age so he hopes she be focused enough to play. They are both usually pretty aggravated by the end of the lesson because Aubrey's attention span is about 30 seconds, but I hope they'll both stick it out.

So, that was March in our house. April is shaping up to be a good month so far, so I hope its not the middle of the May before I sit down to type again.