Sunday, August 9, 2015

July 2015

July was a lot of fun. We started out the month at our typical July 3rd celebration in Mooresville with both sets of grandparents. Unfortunately, it rained a big part of the night, but we still managed to have a lot of fun and were able to make it to the fireworks, even if they were 30 minutes late.

We also continued our tradition of spending July 4th at our house this year. We grilled and enjoyed spending time outside before lighting 100 sparklers and watching the various fireworks set off in our neighborhood.

Mason wrapped up his first soccer season in July and got his first little trophy. I was so sad that Todd and I weren't there to see it, but we planned a cooking class with our friends for Todd's birthday so Todd's parents took him for the last session. It was so sweet to see this little trophy when we got home and he loves to show it to everyone when the come in his room. 

Todd's company had their annual family outing at the Charlotte Knight's game on the 18th. It was a lot of fun and we actually managed to stay through the entire 9 innings. On our way out, Aubrey got to take a picture with their dancers and was so excited about it.

With the cheerleaders. It was Christmas in July night, hence the Santa outfits.

After 6 years, we had a huge change in our family routine. We are finally a nap-free family. Mason started staying up until after 9 or 10 every night after taking a nap and that was not cool so we decided to go ahead and drop his afternoon nap. He still technically "needs" the nap, especially around 3:30/4:00 pm, but he is going to bed so much easier now that I can't complain too much. After 6 years of planning around nap time, its been a joy to enjoy some freedom in our lives again.

Todd and the kids spent a weekend in Raleigh for a family reunion and got to meet some members of the family they had never met. I was stuck at home working but kept up on the play-by-play through lots of pictures and FaceTime chats.

While the rest of the family was in Raleigh, I took on the big task of converting Mason's toddler bed to its final resting place as a full-sized bed. We bought this bed for Aubrey and planned that it would be her only bedroom set. But, after realizing the cost associated with buying a new set, we decided that Mason would use the crib/toddler bed again and Aubrey went to a different bedroom set. When we bought the crib 7 years ago (that was a time shock to think about how long ago it was) we were fortunate the salesman told us to go ahead and buy the conversion set. The crib company went out of business a few years ago so I was so glad that we listened to the salesman. I dusted off the box from Mason's closet and decided I would just sort everything out and see how it all went together. I had already purchased the mattress for the bed so I let my stubborness get the best of me and decided to go ahead and put the bed together. As I started to unmake the toddler bed for the last time, I was really overcome with sadness. This was the Facebook status I posted right afterwards: 

I managed to get the bed together by myself, but I really don't recommend it as a 1-person job. The next morning, after I went to work, I decided to go to Lowe's to buy plywood to put under the bed. We decided to skip the box spring on the bed for now because Mason is so short and I knew the bed would be too high on top of the box spring. So, I take my measurements and go to Lowe's convinced I would fit the plywood in my car and bring it home myself. Oh, how wrong I was. After I busted my butt (literally, I fell over trying to load this 4'x8' sheet of wood on the cart), I got it cut and took it out to the car all by my self. Only then did I realize there was no way in the world this sheet of plywood was fitting in my car. Luckily, my dad came to the rescue and saved me from more embarrassment by coming to meet me and load it in his truck. Once Todd and the kids got home the next day, we did the final assembly on the bed and it was ready for the little guy to test out. He was so excited about the change and has slept like a champ in it ever since. He has fallen out a few times (despite the pool noodle trick) but otherwise has handled the transition well. 

So that was July. I am glad we got to spend so much time as a family because I know life will be changing too soon as we prepare to go back to school and the crazy life.