Saturday, December 31, 2016

Catching up

Well, as evidenced by the lack of posts over the past 4 months, this fall kicked my butt. I knew I was taking on an overload with working, starting a business, going to school, and taking care of the family. But, I didn't realize just how dead I would be by December. We somehow made it work as a family, but it is not something I ever hope to go through again. I am finished with school for the time being and we've settled into a work/family/small business routine so life should be a little less chaotic. I spent the month of December decompressing and doing all of the holiday activities and just enjoying life for a while. I actually have a little free time on my hands now so the goal is to get caught up on all of my pictures and my blog. I fully realize there is no one pressuring me to blog, but after looking through old posts a few weeks ago, I know there is so much about the last 4 months I will forget if I don't get it written down and out of my head. I am thankful I have written down all of these memories over the years so I have something to go back and show my kids and grandkids. So, there will be lots of catching up on my blog the next few days as I get thoughts out of my head and pictures off my camera.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

September 2016

September started the 4 months of craziness. Mason started his last year of preschool and I was a sad mess. It really seemed like Aubrey was just starting preschool so sending my baby off for his last year just seemed surreal. He was so excited for school, especially because his friend Tyler was in his class this year. Pre-K has been an adjustment for all of us, though. This year he has actual homework and getting him to do it is sometimes a challenge. The homework is optional, but he gets a prize for doing it. He is much more concerned with getting the prize than actually doing the homework so it makes for some stressful nights. I am trying to not burn him out from homework at the age of 4, but want him to start Kindergarten in a good place so it is a balance of managing that right now.

Comparison of first day of 2-year old preschool vs first day of pre-k. Be still my heart. 

I fully jumped into the LuLaRoe world in September by having my launch party. It was pretty stressful to put it all together, but it turned out to be a great time. I had more fun selling things than I really thought I would and was so excited to see the numbers at the end of the night.

ECU and NC State played each other in football this year and unfortunately, Todd and I were not able to make the trip to Greenville to watch it like we have the last 2 games. So, we decked ourselves out in our finest gear, made the kids chose sides, and watched ECU win at home on the couch.

Aubrey's school had their annual fun run to raise money for the school and Mason and I were able to watch. She enjoyed running laps as fast as she could around the school and Mason entertained himself with the football equipment while she ran.

Aubrey surprised us all by requesting a "big" haircut. I was a little nervous about her cutting it short because we have to put it in a bun for dance. But, she was so excited to get it cut and really enjoyed the after so I just rolled with it.

The rest of September was a blur of school, dance, soccer, LLR, and craziness. But, that's the real world and our reality for the next 4 months.