Saturday, February 18, 2017

October 2016

October has always been one of my favorite months. The weather is usually perfect, its my birthday month, and we have Halloween candy. Perfection. This October was no different.

We made a big step for Aubrey by forcing her to take the training wheels off her bike and that was a big fat fail. Poor girl just has no frustration tolerance so the multiple falls that come along with learning to ride a bike just made her give up. We realized she probably needed a new bigger bike after the fact so we gave up forcing the issue until that happened.

We did our annual trip to Hodges Farm for our pumpkins. This is our 9th trip there and its amazing how much the farm and the fall activities have grown there since our first visit when Aubrey was a baby. We checked out the animals, climbed on the hay, ate ice cream, and of course picked out our pumpkins.

Todd and the kids went to Atlanta for his cousin's wedding and I stayed behind to do school work. It was nice to have a quiet weekend to get work done but I was happier once everyone was home safe.

The kids both dressed up for school for Halloween, or excuse me "Book Character Day" for Aubrey. Mason decided he wanted to be a shark for school which was perfect because I could use the shark costume we already had in the house. Aubrey decided to be Fancy Nancy again so we reused an old dance costume that worked perfectly.

For Halloween this year, the kids decided that we were going to do a family Star Wars theme. Aubrey reused Mason's Darth Vader costume, Mason was a Storm Trooper,  and Todd re-used Luke Skywalker for the 3rd time (we get our money's worth out of costumes if you can't tell). I was supposed to be Princess Leia, however I waited way too late to get my costume so I ended up being Rey from the latest movies. It was still fun to dress up and the kids had a great time trick-or-treating.

So while the month was busy, it was the perfect October for us and I cannot complain one bit about it.

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