Sunday, September 4, 2016

June 2016

So much for my grand ideas to catch up over the summer. I think the summer was just as crazy for me as the school year. But, I think I need to accept that this season in life is about running behind and doing what I can when I can.

June wrapped up 1st grade for Aubrey. First grade seemed to go so much faster than Kindergarten. I know part of it was that life has been so crazy, but it really did feel that the school year had just started when it finished.

First and last days of 1st grade

We celebrated the end of school by having our first miniature golf day. The kids enjoyed it at first, but it really was too hot, so they were over it by the end. It was fun and we do hope to go back again.

Being out of school meant more time at the pool. The kids love being in the water and it gave us some time to sit down and relax while they played.

Another bonus of summer is being able to watch movies outside. We took the kids to see Cinderella outside at the Shoppes at Northcross. It was a free event and perfect weather, so it really was a perfect night.

Aubrey had dance camp for a week so I got to spend some extra one on one time with Mason. We found a cute little park near the studio and battled through the heat to play on the equipment. I love spending one on one time with the kids because its not that often so it was fun to hang out with the little guy.

Our exciting news for June was I made the decision to join LuLaRoe as a fashion consultant. I had been researching for about a month before I finally got the courage to talk to my sponsor and make it official. Getting Todd on board was a little harder, but once we talked numbers, he was a little ok with the decision. My hope in selling is to make enough to supplement the income I will lose when I go back to school. My paperwork was submitted on June 29 and entered the queue to wait for my call. More updates on this journey later!

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