Wednesday, October 29, 2008

28-week check up

I had my 28-week check-up yesterday and it was more eventful than most of the check-ups have been. My blood pressure was great and my doctor decided to keep my dosage the same, so that made me feel good. She said I am measuring right on track with my belly which is a good thing, as well. Aubrey's heartbeat was 128 and sounded as wonderful as always. I also had to do my gestational diabetes test during the visit and drinking the drink was not so bad. But, of course, that also meant blood had to be drawn, but honestly I think I was poked with so many needles during the visit what's a little a blood. I also had to have my flu shot and my Rhogam shot, so I really felt like a pin cushion. But, at least those are over. The only bummer of the visit was Dr. Gorsuch decided that I need to go to every 2 week visits now because of my blood pressure. Even though it's doing well, she is anticipating that it will start going up and she wants to keep an eye on it. Yay fun. But, then I realized that means I could possibly only have 8 more doctor's visits before she's here and that made it ok. As long as the BP stays in check and I pass my diabetes test, which I should know by the end of the week. If I fail it, then I have to go do the 3 hour test, but we are going to hope for the best and pray that I am good to go.

Now, my biggest concern is Aubrey's new resting position in my belly. Yesterday I felt movement at the bottom of my belly and it felt like she was pushing on my diaphram, which is not very comfortable. But today, there is more pressure on the right side of my uterus, so I have no clue what she's pushing on, but I wish she would move. There is plenty of room for her to move to right now so I wish she'd take advantage of it. But, she is moving a lot and it makes me laugh because my belly jmps when she moves. So cute. I can't wait until this weekend to see the 3d ultrasound. I can't believe we get to see her face. I am soooo excited!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Entering the home stretch

Well, I have started the 3rd trimester. Hard to believe. It really seems like yesterday I was moaning and groaning through the 1st trimester. The 2nd trimester was pretty easy and for the most part, I felt pretty good. But, I can tell it's all starting to go downhill now. I started feeling nauseous again this week, a symptom I never want to feel again. So, I am trying to eat more, but my uterus is pushing on my stomach, so I can't each much or I feel sick. So, I have to eat more often, which is annoying. I was talking to a coworker this morning who is also pregnant and we were both amazed at how much we are obsessed with eating and food. She's in the first trimester, so she's worried about what she does and doesn't like. Me, I am worried about when my next snack or meal will be. It's crazy.

Another fun thing about starting the 3rd trimester is I am starting to not sleep as well. I've always tossed and turned in my sleep, but now when I turn over, I usually wake up because it's so much harder to roll over with my belly in the way. Plus, I when I wake up, I realize I have to go to the bathroom and I despise getting up in the middle of the night because then I usually wake all the way up. So, I am trying to just make myself go back to sleep and not get up, but that is starting to get harder and harder.

I will say though, I am glad to be in the 3rd trimester. That means I am that much closer to getting to hold my baby and a lot of fun stuff happens in the next 13 weeks. We are doing our 3d ultrasound next Saturday and bringing most of the family with us. Hopefully, she'll cooperate and let us see her. Then, our shower is next Sunday and that should be a lot of fun. Of course, the holidays will be going on in the next few weeks and I am really excited about that. Lots of good food and hanging out with our families. Todd and I hoped last Christmas would be our last as just a couple, but it's ok because she will be here soon and that will be the best present ever.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wow, only a 100 days!

Unbelievable. In a 100 days, give or take a few, I will hopefully be holding my baby girl. It just hardly seems real. Todd and I got a reminder dose of what we're in for this weekend when we babysat my nephew. He is a really good baby and really only cried when he was hungry. But, Todd looked at me during the crying fit and said "I don't know how I am going to handle this." I told him he's got a little over 3 months to figure that out because she's coming, like it or not. He's really good with Dameon, I think it's just more of the reality is finally starting to settle with him. I loved every minute of watching Dameon. I hope Aubrey is a good baby just like him.

Having pregnancy brain means I can't remember if I posted this, so if I have, oh well. Todd's sister Traci recently got engaged (YAY!) and she wants Aubrey to be the flower girl in the wedding. I am so excited to think of buying a frilly, white lacy dress and seeing her look like a princess. Too much fun. I already have an idea on how to use the flower girl dress again and I can't wait. Shopping for clothes for myself has always been fun but this is even better. I am goiing to enjoy it as long as I can because I know they days of picking out her clothes are limited. I remember all too well when I started picking out my own clothes.

Speaking of awesome Aunt Traci and clothes, she went to the Osh Kosh outlet in Wisconsin and racked up on some clothes for Aubrey. So, her closet actually looks like someone lives in it and that is so awesome. Thank you Traci! I am so grateful that Aubrey already has people that love her and want to spoil her to pieces. Not everyone is as fortunate and sometimes I forget how lucky Todd and I are.

A view of her closet

Monday, October 6, 2008

Um, a little freaked out today

I think I had my first "oh crap, this baby is coming soon" moment this morning. A friend on Facebook didn't know I was pregnant until this weekend so she was asking how far along I was. I was joking when I said 2 weeks from starting the 3rd trimester, but that's no joke. CRAP! 3rd trimester...that means 13 weeks, plus the 2 'til I get there...means 15 weeks. Ok, taking deep breaths here. That just seems sooo soon. It's just doesn't seem like it should be that soon. I've got so much to get done. I mean I know I still have time, but the panic button has been hit. It was the same way for the wedding about 2.5 months beforehand, but this is so much bigger. You couldn't have told me that then, but planning the wedding seems like small fish now compared to having a baby. Ok, enough freaking out right now. But, seriously, I am just a little freaked out.

My other panic moment of the day was calling to start searching for day cares. I know people say day care is expensive, but good grief, I had no idea just how much. Basically, a 5 star day care is going to be half of my monthly bring home salary. Granted, that 5 star day care is awesome and has some good recommendations, but that amount is enough to pay for college tuition right now and she won't even be able to talk or move, yet. But, Todd and I really can't afford for me to stay at home because we need my insurance and the other half of my salary. And the difference between the 4 star and 5 star centers you ask? $20 per month. That's it. For $20, I would rather her be at the 5 star facility with the video cameras in the rooms so I can take a peek at her every now and again. We are spending a good bit more since we're choosing a center that's 5 minutes from my office. Darn high cost of living area. But, I want her close if anything happens during the day and I also hope to be able to go and feed her during my lunch. I knew I would be broke when we had children, but really, I had no idea. And, it's only just begun.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Baby clothes are trouble

I said I would not buy Aubrey any clothes because I know people love to buy baby clothes. Well, that went out the window while Todd and I were in Las Vegas. I couldn't resist buying a little sweat suit and jean jumper. They were just too cute. So, now everywhere I go, I have to drag myself out of the baby department because I can't afford to buy more clothes as this point. But, I did want to be her coming home outfit and I think I found the winner today. Todd is disappointed that we aren't doing Winnie the Pooh as the nursery theme, so when I saw the little Winnie the Pooh outfit, I had to buy it. And of course, the tights and shoes to go with it. Then, I had to make another hat for it. So. Stinkin'. Cute.

24 week check up

I had my 24-week check-up yesterday and things went quietly, which is a good thing. Her heartbeat was 137. Hearing it on the doppler never gets old. I was supposed to see Dr. Sharowy, but instead saw the NP, but I love her so that was ok. She measured my belly and said it is right on track for my due date. She explained that I will have my gestational diabetes test at my next visit and I am not looking forward to that. She also explained a little more about the Rh screening I would have at the end of the visit and the Rhogam shot I will get at the next visit as well. After I was finished with her, I went to the lab for my blood to be drawn. I swear, I have given up more blood in the past 4 months than ever in my life. But, I am good to go for another 4 weeks. But, a scary thing hit me when I was scheduling my next vist. It's scheduled on October 28, which means I'll be 30 at my next visit. I am struggling with the fact that only have a few weeks left until I turn 30. I know it's just a number, but it means another decade over in my life. Just very strange for me to know I won't be in my 20's anymore. The 20's were good, especially the 2nd half, so I hope my 30's goes just as well.

Las Vegas

Todd and I went to Las Vegas for our his work/our 1st anniversary/babymoon trip a few weeks ago and it was so much fun. Neither of us had ever been before and I was so amazed at all there is to do and see. We played the slots a little, Todd played cards, I shopped a lot, we saw a show, stayed in a fabulous hotel and saw tons of others, and had a gondola ride on our anniversary. Tons of fun. I hope to go back because being pregnant there is hard. First of all, the heat was no joke. We stepped off the plane on Saturday and it was 97 degrees. Quite a difference from the 60-ish degrees in Charlotte when we left that morning. And dry as a bone, as in 5% humidity. I know we complain about the humidity in the South in the summer, but I realized that some humidity is good. My 2nd complaint about being in Vegas while pregnant was all the people who smoked and had no respect for those of us that don't. I can't remember how many times I had to get up and move from a place because someone would light up. And, I think I look pretty pregnant now and so it amazed me that they really showed no respect for that. The final complaint about being in Vegas while pregnant is all the walking you have to do. Ok, we could have paid a fortune for cabs, but who wants to waste that kind of money. So we walked almost everywhere and that was so hard for me. Good exercise, but I was worn out at night. Another thing that was frustrating was the stupid people handing out their "escort service" cards with no respect. They would smack their cards to get your attention and then throw them in your face. Obviously, I was not interested in their services but you got bombared every 5 feet with these people and you would get frustrated. One of them almost hit me at one point and Todd did not take too kindly to that. I won't even mention flying for 6 hours, because I hate flying anytime, let alone at 22 weeks pregnant, but that was a necessary evil. But, like I said, we had a ton of fun and it was good to spend a lot of alone time together because I know that is coming to an end soon.

Our hotel.
Our fabulous hotel roomThe Bellagio water show and Ceasers Palace behind it